Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soccer Diva

This little girl is definitely her father's daughter! She was born with a competitive, strong little spirit. With the challenges she's already had to face since birth, I believe her strong willed spirit is to get her through the tough things that she has & will endure.

Tim, Kaylea & Grandpa Ron

*Kaylea comes across as timid & shy but those who really know her, know it's all an act. This girl is tough! One day out of the blue she said: "Mom I want to play soccer." So I put her in soccer & these are pics of her at her 1st game: A Pro! The coaches were like "Are you sure she's never played before?"

Getting a Pep Talk from Dad

Playing @ one of her more recent games:

(Look at those long legs & that lengthy stride)

Kaylea just happened to be put on a team with 10 girls & 1 boy, so it has been fun to see so many PINK balls & LOTS of emotion. I think she was the only girl that didn't cry at some point of the season. She has really enjoyed learning the game of soccer & hates to see the season have to end soon. Good Job Kay Kay!


Tracey said...

That is so cute!

Jamie said...

Look at that girl go! You guys aren't proud or anything, right? ;) We love soccer at our house, too!
What a great way for her to use those long, lanky legs (lucky!). Oh, and the pink soccer balls are fun, too.
Good job, Kaylea!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kaylea. It's awesome that she found something she loves to do! She certainly isn't a silly, fluffy, girly-girl what with karate and now soccer. She makes me smile!