Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spencer ends 3rd Grade

Here's Spencer's latest project as he finished out his 3rd Grade year. He had to choose an endangered species & he chose the Rhinoceros to do his Animal Report & Habitat on. Spencer informed me of all kinds of details about rhinos. For instance did you know that "their horns are vital to their being alive?"...according to Spencer when the rhinos are 'de-horned' by illegal hunters, it kills them because their horn is connected to their brain or somethin' somethin' like that. 

Starting in January, I enrolled them in the local public school after homeschooling him & Kaylea the first semester. I enjoyed being able to go into Spencer's class every other week to help out & see him interact with the class. 

The last week of school Daylan & Kaylea joined me as we brought in summer birthday treats for Spence. He really enjoyed his teacher Mr. B and learned much; not so much academically (since he was so ahead), but more so about peoples differences and how to deal with all different kinds of people. An experience this future bishop will appreciate.

Spencer tested for ELP (Extended Learning Pull-Out Service) the last week of school and we just received a letter saying he 'passed' & has been recommended for the advanced learning class in 4th grade. 

CONGRATS on another great year Bud!

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