Sunday, September 12, 2010

❤It's Great to be 8❤

The tragedy of September 11th brought the unity & love of September 12th. And this is why I chose for Kaylea to be born on this day- 8 years ago.

~Some things we LOVE about our "Booga":
{Picture Overload: sorry I couldn't resist!}
She was born with things like "special skin" as her big brother called them, but that hasn't held her back. (For years she thought she was so special that Heavenly Father just had to give her extra skin.)
She has always had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. 
(not a good thing when I'm trying to discipline)
She can do the cheesiest, scrunchy nose grin
& is the Pigtail Queen -as you will see in the other pics)
Even though she has always been so LITTLE, she believes she can do anything!
...& usually she can.
Since birth she's loved being a 'Mommy' to her dollies.

She can be quite the HAM...always getting us to laugh!
Us 2 girls stick together. She tells me everything...usually at night as she lay in bed.

She is a good big sister to her little brothers.
She loves the outdoors, loves to play hard & tough, yet has a shy side. 

Kaylea is athletic & brave.
She begged us to do Karate when she was 4. She even sparred boys twice her age.
When this girl gets excited...she gets excited & it's so fun as a parent to watch.
She is a Drama Queen...yes she is really crying in this picture..

She has a sarcastic side to her...hmmm where'd she get that? Not Tim or I of course.
When she belly laughs you can't help but bust a gut along with her.
Kaylea loves to read & insists she's the only one in  her class reading at a 6th grade level.
~Kaylea & Hazel~ (passed away 9/7/09)
She loves animals-mostly dogs & dogs love her. She talks daily about becoming a Veterinarian.
Need I say more?

She is so helpful with Jaxson & he loves her.
She is also a quick learner & is doing great on the piano...even 1 handed.
Happy 8th Birthday to our One & Only Princess!
*We Love You*


Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize that Olivia and Kaylea share a birthday...and it seems like they share twin personalities! Almost everything you said about Kay matches Liv.

Happy Birthday, precious Kaylea! You are a jewel in your parents' crowns!

The Ashlocks said...

She is so beautiful! I hope she has a great birthday!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday Kaylea! We hope your day was great> I'm sure you had a little princess party with lots of friends and cousins! Can't wait to see you get baptized

Tiffany said...

Those pictures are darling! She is a sweetheart! I love the sarcastic picture of her. So hilarious! Thanks for coming by tonight... your the best! xoxo

{she + him} said...

She is so kind to let us share her special day with her! We are sad we didn't get to celebrate "8 is Great" with her...

Love the girl, love the post!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Love all the pics! Kaylea is such a cutie! Happy Birthday little miss 8 year old!!!!!

Miken Harding said...! Happy Birthday. How fun, great post. Love the piano one;)

Raich said...

love the pic overload...don't you love having a girlie to share with in the crazy house o boys....i can't believe its been that long since i've seen her...she was just a little baby doll...