Sunday, September 5, 2010

My 2 cents on Glenn Beck & our Country...

You either love him or hate him. happen to love him.
He is NOT perfect & will be the first to tell you that each time he speaks. {And Yes sometimes I cringe when he says things-but this just verifies to me that he is REAL.} Honestly though, I believe that he is being used as a tool by God. I think the ticket is his personality combined with his talent of preparing his thoughts & words in a powerful way. He is simply a church-going husband & father, who believes that Jesus Christ is his Savior and happens to have a job where he can share publicly his political & personal views.

In recent days before & after Becks' Restoring Honor Rally in D.C., I read & heard various "Evangelical Christians" thoughts about him. Many Christians are behind Beck, although many are frightened by him fearing the fact that he is a "Mormon." I don't know why that is. He believes in Jesus Christ as they do and yet because of "other" points of doctrine, they get scared and upset when he refers to himself as a Christian man. I think it's funny that Beck is saying 'This is what I believe' and people are saying: 'No you don't.'  {But this is all besides the point anyways.}

I read this article and appreciated this man for agreeing to disagree on theological points but also seeing the BIG picture & coming together to focus on what we all DO believe. We believe so many of the same values & concepts, but in order to fight the War we have to unite for the battle...(figuritively speaking of course.)  No matter your beliefs, you gotta give it to Glenn Beck for putting himself out there. Most conservatives are not near brave enough to do that in this Liberal-Media Controlled World we live in.

Conservative values is something our Country 
substantially lacks
-in a frightening way! 
The Common Goal: Being Good & Honest people, Living by the Golden Rule, Working hard, Remaining as free citizens & not puppets of the Government, Serving & Protecting our fellow men, Respecting not Hating, Living the Dream that our forefathers worked so hard to provide for us & Keeping it that way for our Children. Believing that Family is the fundamental unit of society. Relying on our Churches for Answers/Guidance & not our Government; Our Government is to oversee, not to overrule. Honoring those who have gone before us & provided us our freedoms, and Honoring those who go out now to battle doing the same.
Here are about half a million people who attended  (8/28/10)
United We Stand, Divided We Fall- is a true statement. Why waste time arguing points of doctrine when that's not the issue. Nobody is convincing anybody to change their belief system, only to unite in what we all believe together. Hoping to be One Nation Under God; Indivisible with Liberty & Justice for all. -just as our founding fathers had planned it for us.
~I vow to teach my children about the history & promise of this Country. America is great. It is led by imperfect people but was instituted by God-{just as Christ's Church is today.} This Country WAS founded upon Christian principles. Those who created it were led by the hand of God and those men would be ashamed if we ever thought otherwise.

*So there's your 2 or maybe 10 cents from me.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Here, here! Well said little grasshopper. ;)

The Hann Family said...

LOVED this post...I couldn't agree more! I love Glenn Beck too!