Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will always remember...

The beginning of this last week at school, Kaylea's teacher asked the class if they knew what happened to our Country on September 11th, 2001. Kaylea was the only one to raise her hand. The teacher had Kaylea then explain to the class what had occurred. When she told me at first I was proud, but then I really became sad about it. Have we already forgotten? Why do our children not know the story. Are we simply taking our freedoms & our Country for granted?

Later in the week I was asked (Because I am a local Cub Scout leader) to teach all the 4th grade boys in their School how to raise & lower the flag, show how to fold it & talk about its importance. I did this along with the Primary President & Principal. These boys will now be taking on that responsibility each week  and I think it will help them to feel pride for their Country.

The following day, Friday, the Principal held a special outdoor assembly in front of the school. It was rewarding for me to see those same boys doing this flag ceremony in their Scout uniforms. They showed pride in doing it & the flag never looked better as it blew in the September wind. The whole school sang Patriotic songs that brought chills and were all dressed in Red, White & Blue.

I had to get a picture of Daylan, his teacher {Ms. A} & his Kindergarten buddies all in their Red shirts.
Look closely at Daylan & his buddy Riggs-holding hands. :)
The remembrance of Patriot Day continued early this morning about 6:30 as my husband gathered up the 16-17 year old boys in our ward and placed flags in all of the members yards.

*I also thought this video about a 9/11 survivor was inspirational*

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