Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kaylea's Birthday Celebrations...

Early Sunday morning (september 12th) about 5:30 am I open my eyes and see all the lights on upstairs. I walk down the hall only to see Kaylea wandering aimlessly around excited for her day to start. I turned off all the lights and told her to go back to bed & not wake me up until 7:30. At exactly 7...3....0...I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Mom it's seven thirty...Wake Up!" This was not going to end anytime soon so I figured I'd better get up. We went downstairs where she saw the kitchen decorated for her with the usual donuts, balloons & wrapped gifts...which she had of course had already peeked on about 5:30ish. 
Luckily her brothers were good sports & were bright eyed ready for gift opening. Tim & I on the other hand were still wiping sleep from our eyes; Jax was still asleep at this our bed of course.
She got a couple little doo-dads from her brothers including a long awaited Zhu-Zhu Pet.
After opening all the presumed gifts...(her last one being a bike helmet..) Tim said to Kaylea "Why don't you go out to the garage & have Mom take a picture of you in your helmet by your bike." She said: "But Dad..why would I do that? It's all old & falling apart...." blah blah blah 
Finally she went out there & saw her last surprise!
She got to bring it inside the house & ride it around.

Later that evening we went to Grandma & Grandpa's for Kaylea's Birthday Dinner. {My Mom always does a Birthday Dinner for each member of the family-inlaws included- to celebrate them.}
Grandma & Aunt Sara made her these cookie cups-Yum!
Lucky Kaylea got some fun things over there from everyone!

The next day on Monday I brought in this cupcake treat into her school class. The kids loved each pulling apart their own cupcake from the cupcake design.

The following Saturday was the big day Kaylea had been waiting for. We started out by going to the Basha pool...Brilliantly fun yet so cheap! (75cents) Friends showed up about 2:00 & we headed over to the Basha Pool. Aunt Sara & Brittany came along for the fun too. We had a blast there!
Don't know why why daughter has to make ridiculous faces...
I might have had a little too much fun....
{see below}

We got back, had Pizza &
next was the Pinata.

Then it was Present Time!
She got some fun stuff from her bestest buddies...mostly stuffed dogs.

 Her Puppy Cake
(I just threw on her Littlest Pet Shop toys on the store bought cake..

Then it was p.j.s, snacks, favorite stuffed animals
& what else but a Dog Movie!
 And finally the end of Kaylea's Birthday Activities...
Till next year.

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