Friday, September 17, 2010

When Summer Began...

...My Kids were Driving Me Up the Wall!
Seriously the very 1st day of Summer Break I was literally in tears. They were at each other's throats fighting & already complaining about being bored constantly. And YES they had chore lists & there were NO punishments or bribing with rewards that were working. So what did I do? ....I called up my Mom and said something like this: "I need you need to come pick up your Granddaughter, (who shall remain namelessbefore she gets kicked out of my house!"  Let's just say that Grandma Kathy saved her that day. {*TRUE STORY*}

~Once we got into our Summer-Break routine, things calmed down and it all got a little better. We made sure & did something every day during the break.

{Some of things we did (repeatedly) to keep busy:}

*SWAM in Neighbors, Friends & Family's Pools:
Spence getting thrown in..

*Went to the Cheap Morning Kids Movies @ Harkins:
(once a week)

*Took Swimming Lessons:

*Went to the Library:

*Played with Friends & Cousins: 

*Went to the Splash Pads:

*And Rode around on the Tractor with Dad:

The Summer actually whizzed by which is what you want it to do
when it's at least 110 degrees out every day.
Now back to Air Conditioned Schools...!
~I actually am now looking forward to our 2 week off Break in October with the fam when the weather is cool(er).~


Jeni Everett said...

My kids love to climb up the door jams. It's so funny!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Sounds like a perfect summer! I can't wait for fall break either---and the cooler temperatures (fingers crossed).

kristal said...

I'm so glad your children's well being was negotiated during the first week ofk summer break too. Mine was for about a month though. We finally started doing fun stuff in July.

Unknown said...

I love all your picts, I can't believe your baby is over a year old, where has the time gone?