Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This boy wears me out...

And this happens 3 times a day... & you should see the floor
Look at that grin on his face....
Skateboarding in the nude...
I LOVE THIS KID SO MUCH but I've never been so tired in my life....seriously!
At 15 ½ months here is a list of the good & the not so good:

*He says: "Tay- too" (thank you) when you give him something.
*He takes off his diaper & runs around laughing.
*He says: "Yuckkkkkkkkk..." (gurgling sound) whenever I'm changing a stinky diaper of his.
*He climbs up onto the kitchen table at least 10 times daily--He goes up there to find leftover food or to run around on it & tries to jump off. (He will be our million dollar child with all the bones he will break.)
*He also climbs on top of the piano & upstairs climbs on top of the couch and onto the stair railing...
*He likes to stand on a stool in Kaylea's room & watch her pet frog jump around & eat crickets in the fish tank. He squeals with excitement!
*He loves popsicles...which is always so fun to clean up.
*He counts to 3...   "Uh....Doo...Dee" (& then expects you to tickle him on 3)
*He digs in the Garbage cans to see what great things he can find-usually food scraps...gross!
*He insists on eating everything himself with no assistance...refer to picture #1
*He can sense when anyone is sad & will go lay his head on your stomach until he thinks you are happy....Breaks my heart every time!
*He makes this horrifically loud noise when he's mad, wants attention or simply wants to hear his own voice.
*He runs down the hall yelling his great noise when his Dad is on the phone working...Customers love it I'm sure.
*He figured out how to open the side door that goes outside & runs straight to the street! Scary!
*He can hear running water from across the house & runs super speed to it. He LOVES faucets! He will awake each morning to the sound of Tim's bathroom sink. He slides out of our bed (because he of course slept in it from 1am on) & will run over to the sink waiting for Tim to set him up next to the running water. He then proceeds to get the brush wet & do his own hair. It is hilarious! It is his FAVORITE thing to do.
Notice the wet hair & brush in hand
Man I love this kid!


brittany said...

It's official. I'm going to come and play every weekend. Those kiddos put smiles on my face. Hope that is okay with you...

Stephanie said...

He grew up way too fast.. I feel like I never got to know him as a baby:(

What a cutie...it's hard to get upset with that cute face. Skateboarding in the nude...ha ha too funny.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

a true boy! :)

{she + him} said...

Ok so I love the skateboarding shot...only because I saw a little keiki {kid in hawaiian...and Tommy's fav word to say} running into the ocean with nothing on! AND I've prob seen about a dozen nudey kids along the roadside since we've been here.

Jax is getting SO big and is still Daylan's twin!

Love the post...love your family!

Jamie said...

We can never, ever, ever get Jax and Jude together. They will teach each other horribly, naughty things. Although, it looks like they already know many of the same things, so never mind. We should get them together. ;)

I love the head on the tummy. Jude does the same thing, only crawls onto laps and puts his head on your shoulder.

Tracey said...

Oh wow! This brings back memories from the toddler stages! He reminds me of how all my babies were.... BUSY!! Good things he's cute.

No wonder your are so itty bitty!

Miken Harding said...

Your a nice mom, I have never let my kids make a mess on the high chair like that-I can't stand it!:) I just take it way before it gets to far, LOL. I would love to see the trouble Brooks and he would get into! Have a great day!

venessa said...

Oh, this was so me and my second boy to a "T" I can truly empathize. You are fabulous for going along for his ride!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Hmmmmm...he's a perfect angel at my house. ;)

Such a cutie!

Lacey said...

okay....SO CUTE!! I can't believe how busy he is. It feels like everytime I am over there, he is getting into something. He is adorable! Haha remember when I drove up with you guys to california and he stared at me the entire ride up. NO EXAGGERATION!