Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ Grandma Porter~

93 years old she would have been on June 3rd.
Just 5 days earlier on a Sunday evening she passed away peacefully in her own bed.
She was surrounded by her children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren.
What a perfect time & way to go. It was a beautiful evening out.
Her 3 daughters each held on to her as she went.
She was ready to go...

{The night before she passed away, we brought over Ryler so she could meet him before she left...Although miserable & tired, she still showed her usual excitement as Tim held Ry up to see her.}
That next afternoon after leaving Hospice she came home to be in her own bed. Tim placed a small picture she had of her father on her pillow & told her he was waiting for her.{Her father had died young leaving a wife & 6 daughters behind. I'm sure he was anxious to see her.}

*Her parents, some siblings, grandson Russ & husband Hal all awaited her Heavenly arrival.
We said Good-Bye just as they were greeting her.
Grandma & Jaxson on his Blessing Day~2009
Grandma Porter was known to most for 2 things.

Even in her 90's: 
1) she always had on an outfit that you'd never seen before, complete with matching accessories & shoes. Her make up was of course always done too..complete with lipstick & a SMILE.
2) she had her house decorated to the max- there wasn't an inch that was ignored. From floral arrangements, to photos, to porcelain dolls or teddy bears. (the great-grandkids recently counted 350 teddy bears!) You'd have to see it to believe it.
And she loved it that way. Especially her dolls. 

*I found out a secret the day she passed away that I never knew. Tim's Mom told me that the night that Tim proposed to me, that her & Grandma Porter spied on us. Tim had a candlelight dinner set up for me on her back patio that overlooked the lake. The two of them lay on their stomachs & watched through the bottom of the blinds. {Picture this tiny 81 year old woman on her belly trying to catch a glimpse of the moment.} This brought a smile to our faces as we remembered the night & imagined her doing this.*
Grandma Porter in that very spot 2010
~Her funeral was the day after her 93rd Birthday, Saturday June 4th.~
It was a beautiful service filled with memories, testimony & song.
Kaylea holding her program. 
(Kaylea inherited her nails from her Great Grandma.)

Some of the Great-Grandkids sang: "Families Can Be Together Forever" at the Gravesite.

Here are Grandma's 4 Children surrounding her.
{Debbie, Carolyn, Lanny, Kathy}
Till We Meet Again...

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