Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Father's Day~

Wow...we have a lot of kids.
~After a wonderful morning at church, we took the traditional after church Father's Day photos with Tim & the kids.

Earlier that morning at 7ish Kaylea kept tapping me as I longed to sleep in & asked me to help her make Tim breakfast in bed. What would this world be like without daughters?...seriously. So sleepy-eyed I helped her throw in some (refrigerated dough cinnamon rolls). Kay made a pitcher of orange juice, plucked a bowl full of grapes & found a cute "Daddy" mug in our rental house & we were headed downstairs.

Why downstairs?...well Tim had slept most of the night in the basement with Jax -who wakes up still in the night-. I help the baby, he helps Jax. That's our new system. Yup he deserved a good Father's Day.

~Directly after church we went to visit with our Dad's. First Tim's then mine. They are both great in their own different ways. The best thing to us about both of them is how much they love our kids! Our kids run up to them knowing they'll always get a hug & playtime.

I'm so grateful to have a husband who adores his children as much as he does & makes time for them. But hey...they are pretty great.
Boogers & Yawns ...classic campbell.