Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daylan The 6 Year Old

The day before Dude's 6th Birthday, he said to me with his sweet grin... "Mom, I am SO excited for my party tomorrow!!" I couldn't bear to tell him that there was NO party. I try and do the Friend Party every other year thing & this year was the off year (thank goodness w/ the craziness.) We were going to of course still have our little family party as planned, but I knew he'd be devastated upon finding out his buddies were not showing up..Obviously I hadn't communicated this very well to him.
So that evening about dinner time I quickly called up some of his closest buddies Crew, Riggs, Jett & Kian to come over the next morning.  
The big day, June 17th, we swam, had popsicles, gatorades, frozen corn dogs & called it a party. Thanks to Gma Kathy & Aunt Sara they brought these YUMMY homemade frosting-ed brownie bites. They were delectable. This "party" might have even been funner than last year's...(and a lot cheaper.)
RYLER even celebrated by getting in his "swimsuit" for the 1st time.

Later in the day the party continued...
as Tim got home from work, we had dinner, cupcakes & presents.
& cousins came to swim.
It was a good "Day."

Some things we want to Remember about Daylan at 6 years old:
*Is learning to cross his eyes...I'm so proud (not)
*Has a beautiful voice that melts my heart 
..Has perfect pitch and a soothing tone.
*Tender hearted. It kills him to see his siblings sad. He is oftentimes sadder than them.
* Kisses Jaxson's cheeks all the time.-so much so that Jax gets bugged.
*Still occasionally calls his parents "Mommy & Daddy"
*Favorite Color= RED, *Food= macaroni *Treat=ice cream cones
*Has the Campbell-Pout down pat.
*Can give a dirty look that would scare a bad guy. 
*His big grin makes his eyes squinty-like his Mom's.
*Does not enjoy reading books as much as Kay & Spence but Reads very well.
*Has played video games since he could sit up...& is a little too good at it.
*Impresses Grandpa Tom with his "Angry Birds" & Ball throwing skills.
*His cheeks are so squeezy you could eat 'em.
*Is a big-time snuggler which his Mom & Dad love!
*Makes his friends jealous that he can SNAP!
*Wishes he would hurry & lose a tooth!
*Not the most patient child....
*Throws a tantrum like nobody's business.
*His friends' Mothers think he's the perfect angel & laugh at the above comment.
*Has yet to conquer the task of riding a 2 wheeler bike (will last about 5 seconds- then falls)
*Watches "Jackie Chan"episodes on Netflix all the time with Spencer.
*Will ask me randomly..."Mom are you mad about anything?"
*Has a face full of perfectly sun-kissed freckles.
*Can get under Kaylea's skin in 2.2 seconds &  vice versa.
*Misses playing Soccer games every Saturday.
*Still gets an occasional awful ear infection. (Had tubes in years ago, fell out but never got another set.)
*Is terrified about getting more shots in 5 years when he's 11.
*This is his first summer swimming completely comfortably across pool.
*Loves to do cannon-balls, is learning to Snorkel.
*When his older siblings are around he can hardly get a word in edgewise, 
...But when he does it's usually a funny one liner. 
*...Classic middle child syndrome-just like his Dad.
*Sleeps in a Queen bed w/ Jax. They love watching movies together as they fall asleep.
*Wanted to be a Police Man until Spence told him you have to get tasered & sprayed with mace!! Now he is in turmoil trying to decide on a new career!
*All his Teachers (& the ladies at church) are in love with him.
...Not to mention his Mom who would not be complete without her "Day-Day."


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

He is a cutie...and very funny!
All your kids are terrific! You must be doing a good job. ;)

Thanks for letting us invade your day today. It's always fun to hang out with the Campbells!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday Daylan, hope it was fabulous!