Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 Ryler was given a name & a blessing on July 3, 2011. 

Some of the wonderful things he was blessed with were:
* Having the desire to serve others & to be an Example
*Have a shield of protection from wickedness
*The blessing of holding the Priesthood
*Have the ability & desire to say "Yes" to church callings
* Be able to live in the World but avoid things harmful to the Spirit
* Find a choice spirit to marry in God's house & raise a righteous family

In the circle to bless him stood Tim, Grandpa Tom, Uncles Danny & Phylip, Grandpa Lonnie, Uncles Mason, Jason, Scott & Great Uncle Terry. {Unable to attend were Uncles Tommy, Brian, Marcus} In the congregation were about 40 more family members & loved ones. 

I got up and bore my testimony to the ward after the blessing. My heart was so full after going through such the emotional roller coaster that we have in the last few months & year. This has been a record year for me getting up to do that...I think 4 times. 
I determined why: Trials bring blessings.
Blessings bring us closer to God...thus the humility and testimony bearing..
I mentioned the fact that everyone had witnessed a miracle that morning whether they recognized it or not. That miracle being that lil' Ryler had not been colicky that entire morning. We have experienced extreme colic at our house & we were literally blessed that morning to be free of it. I said that I figured Ryler must've known it was his blessing day.
The true miracle is that his colic has decreased so substantially since that day, that I would not even call it colic anymore...just gas bubbles here and there.

*After Sacrament Meeting we had family over for a little Lunch at our rental house. {We realized once again how much family we really do have between us & hoped for the miracle of the bread and fishes.} :)...And to think that a good number of family were not even there!} I didn't think to get pictures of any of the family because Ryler slept peacefully for hours after his blessing!! 
{If you look closely you'll notice Ry in two different blessing outfits. The actual day of he wore Spencer's lil' tux onesie because his hadn't yet arrived in the mail. That's just how my life usually goes...There was a big mix up in the mail-so almost 2 weeks later when it arrived we did another little photoshoot. You can see a difference in the amount of chub on his cheeks too.}
~Now more than ever, I am so grateful for this sweet little boy that Father in Heaven has sent to us. He always knows the bigger picture and knows the end from the beginning. I can't imagine my life before or without our precious Ryler. 
Funny how that happens...


Tiffany said...

Beautiful day, blessing and baby! Love his chubby cheeks! Your a great mom Audra:) xoxo

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

So sweet. You're such a good mama to record that day so well. How come you always show off your good ideas when it's too late for me to use them! ;)
Love your new header on your blog!
Thanks for the chat on Friday. You crack me up...and inspire me. You're pretty amazing!

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Frolicking Night Owl said...

hi ... just stopping by to say hi. :)

AudyCamp said...

hi momma its kaylayranaynay ha got ya with the kaykay!! ha cute blog post i luv you!

AudyCamp said...

hi momma its kaylayranaynay ha got ya with the kaykay!! ha cute blog post i luv you!