Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spence turns 11...

June 9th the moment finally came....

Wait for it...

Wait for it....
SPeNcE said that ALL he wanted for his birthday was a: DSI-XL & so that's what he got.
Earlier in the day he woke up to the traditional donuts & balloons,
& had a few of his buddies over to swim. (Pierce & Jarrett)
& swam again later with the fun Aunt Sara.
He went on a Scavenger Hunt to discover his gift his D.S.
and then we had cake & ice cream.
Spence was one content kid.
(watch jax at the end...)

Some things that we'll want to Remember about Spence at this age:
*Takes on a lot as the Big Brother.
*Picks up the slack & is much appreciated by his parents.
Easy going; Gets along with most everybody!
*Gets upset when he thinks somebody doesn't like him.
*Is the designated Pooper Scooper" around here.
*Knows what he's doing EVERY Friday Night...=Boys HIP HOP
*Is excited to go to Church Dances where he can show off his skillz.
*Converted Daylan to be a "Jackie Chan" show watcher. I think they've seen all the episodes.
*Talks too much in his Church class-His teacher said that if HE didn't talk for the whole class time, they'd all get treats...still waiting on that.
*His last 3 sets of church teachers would come up to us periodically & say how Spencer would always know all the right answers.
*Missed the ELP trip to San Diego to be here when Ryler was born.
*Writes so fast that his handwriting is not legible.
*Has an AMAZING memory that actually scares me.
..Will quote movies like it's no big deal.
*Has a good sense of humor (although his pre-teen ways take it overboard at times)
*Can put his contacts both in under 1 minute flat & is proud of that since it used to take 20.
*Has an ever-so-little crush on a girl...I'd could tell you who but then I'd have to kill you.
*Makes his classic "Origami cards" to give out for people's birthdays or special occasions.
*Can't be dishonest even if he tries...(gets a guilty look in his eyes)
*Favorite Food= Sausage Pizza  Treat= Chocolate Chip Cookies/Brownies
Drink= Blue Raspberry Crush  Scripture Story= Samuel the Lamanite 
*Thought recently that he could "teach" his newborn brother to sit up.
I explained it didn't quite work that way.
*Enjoys making flip-note cartoons & Has already made one on his new D.S. (pretty good & comical)
*Is in a competing Hip Hop Boys Dance Crew & loves it. Is fantastic as it strengthens his muscles, confidence, friendships & life experiences.
*Only sees very blurry images without his glasses/contacts...inherited from his Father.
*Him & Kaylea like to "Picto-Chat" (text each other) on their D.S's from room to room. (The other night they bore their souls & told each other who they "liked.")
*Is & has always been a climber...likes to climb trees & walls.
*Is the go-to guy when any of us have problem with the remotes/computers.
*Likes to read from his "Gross Fact Book" & gross us out!
*Might be going to a new school this year...? (we'll see)
*Beat-boxing is a hidden talent of his. (wants to try out the drums)
*Loves diving & doing flips off the diving board. (freaks me out!)
*In the Summer his skin turns brown & his hair bright blonde
*Babysits on occasion for us (all kids minus ryler)
*Has collected & Read all the Harry Potter & Diary of A Wimpy Kid Books
*Learning to play/sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" on guitar


Tracey said...

Happy Birthday cute boy!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

happy "late" birthday to spencer!