Thursday, July 14, 2011

☆America's Birthday Party☆

For the 4th of July this year, we celebrated all weekend long. 
Saturday we had fun swimming & having a BBQ with the Curtis Clan. Grandma Kathy always has the most scrumptious food.
Sunday of course were Ryler's Blessing Festivities & then Spence spent the night at the Simas' & Kaylea was off to the Arizona Grande Resort with the Check's. 

Then Monday began with seeing the add in the paper for $9000 off of a Truck! Having had gone 6months or so with only 1 vehicle we hopped on this offer. We spent the afternoon picking out a truck & getting the deal done. We had the 3 little boys with us &...
Tim chose RED since that's all his boys favorite color. Daylan thought he had the coolest Dad in town. Plus it showed our Patriotism being that it was the 4th!

Then we rewarded the boys for good behavior by going to the Dollar Theatre & seeing "Rio", a movie about a BLUE bird. (was feeling so festive) It was surprisingly very entertaining!

That evening we met up with Lonnie, Lace & Ash to watch some good ol' Queen Creek fireworks. We all piled in to the new RED truck! These Californians had to admit they were impressed & pleasantly surprised with the show. I caught this pic of a firework & didn't notice the detail of each star in the flame till later.
Jax was blown away by the fireworks show & would let out a squeal with each one.

After the show we drove a whole 3 minutes (I ♥ our little town!) back to the McCleve's & did our own fireworks. The 1st ones my kids had ever done here in AZ since it's now legal. They loved it! 
look at the Stars in Spence's eyes...
TIm & Lonnie put on some much bigger fireworks in the yard that were loud & a little on the crazy side. The kids loved it!!...but not as much as Tim. :)

Lucky Kaylea got to spend the day swimming at the Arizona Grande Resort with cousins Ava, Sophie & Elsie. She had a blast swimming & even got to watch fireworks show out the window as they ate dinner. She got dropped off late that night & we did a couple more little fireworks in the backyard that we had saved for her.

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

You guys sure know how to party!
Tim picked a good color for his new truck! I couldn't miss it this morning parked right behind me at drop off. :)