Sunday, June 19, 2011

*RYLER 1 month*

~It's been a long, crazy month for us.~

 It began with a Birth, Then A Death, 5 Graduations-3 High School, 1 Kindergarten, 1 College, A Baptism, Priesthood Ordination, Scout Camp, Celebrated our other 3 Boys Birthdays, our 12th Wedding Anniversary, Moved out of our House, moved into a Rental & began building our New House! {That's not even mentioning the usual things like Dental/Doctor Visits (shots included), Kids Activities like Hip Hop/ Piano /Guitar Lessons, other Family B-days, Friends Play-Dates/Parties, blah blah blah......}

*Throw in a little Post-Partum, C-section healing, Terrible 2's, Tantrums & Arguing Children, Barking/Peeing/Biting Dog & a Colicky Baby and you can get an idea of what it has been like. I'm realizing how precious sleep and alone time is (usually only occurs when going to the bathroom) & how much of my stuff is boxed away & missing for 5 months!!! 
Existing with half a brain & half 10% of my stuff is overwhelming.

There have been lots of tears, but also smiles
as I looked into the eyes of this baby boy.
taken June 13th-his 1 month Bday

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

What a little doll!!! A great, big masculine doll that is. :)
I'm so happy I got to see him and hold him for a second. I can't believe you're up to 5!!!! And I have 3!!!! Remember when all we did was sit around eating brownies and tootsie rolls, cat calling to the kissing couple across the complex, and stalking unknowing boys around campus? Life sure did speed up. I like it better where we are now though. Thanks for letting us come use your pool. We definitely want to come back!!!!!
p.s.---Call me for help please! That's an order!!!!!