Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jax Turns 2!

So I guess I just like celebrating Birthdays in May & June. 
Just a week and a day after Ryler was born, May 21st, my sweet lil' Jaxson turned 2!
He enjoyed this yummy thing at Grandma's House.

Chocolate, Bubbles...& playing w/ Uncle Phylip ~what more could a kid want?

Some Things we'll want to Remember
About Jax @ 2 Years Old:

*Drinks his sippy cup with no hands, simply just tips his head back..
*Wants to interlock fingers when holding your hand.
*Thinks squirt guns, balloons & BUBBLES are the best things ever!
*Has the cutest dimple on his right cheek!
*Displays classic OCD traits. He amuses us yet drives us crazy as he does things like:  *lines up all the shampoo bottles in a perfect row *makes sure doors/cupboards are always shut *every crumb or dot or flake of anything has to be vanished immediately
*He adds the "ee" sound at most words creating his own adorable language
  ex. buggy (bug) moony (moon) toesie (toes) diapie (diaper) etc...
*Will come hold my legs, then say "Uppie" & reach so I'll pick him up.
*Has knatted hair in back resembling rats nest (campbell genes)
*...Beautiful round blue eyes with long dark eye lashes
*...Fair white skin-burns easily, allergic to most sunblock (curtis genes)
*Calls any Motherly figure in his life "Mom" -aunts, grandmas etc.
*Loves to HELP do chores-sweeping, mopping & unloading dishwasher.
*Cuddles up to Ryler each time he sees him and kisses all over him
...sometimes squeezes Ry too tight & has been known to poke an eyeball or two.
*Has a Love/Hate Relationship with the dog -Snuggling one minute & then hurting each other the next
*Often puts both fingers in his nose or ears & just stares at you with a serious face.
*Is enamored by puzzles/video games= "Angry Birds" & "StarFall"on Dad's Ipad
*Has his Dad wrapped around his finger & can talk him into giving treats in place of a meal.
*Knows when his Mom needs a hug, will snuggle with me & pat my face.
*Has way too much energy.
...& loves to climb/jump off of high, dangerous places.
*Enjoys drawing pictures with markers while sitting next to Kaylea-he is very detail oriented.
*...Also enjoys coloring on walls & his body
*Can recognize EVERY ABC & knows each of their sounds!
*Spots the alphabet letters in street-signs & Breaks pretzels into pieces to form ABC's.
*Does the classic "I'm trying not to smile face"
*Gets gassy in the middle of night if he has milk after 7pm
*Watches shows like "Caillou" & Movie "Letter Factory" religiously
*His newborn black hair has since changed to strawberry blonde
*Can throw a ball better than his Mom...has an "arm on him"
*Loves wrestling with brothers/Dad -Usually wins by sitting on their faces.
*He waves & says "Bye" to everyone & everything...from toys to the grocery clerk to his plate at dinner.
{-He needs closure to things. So on that note...}
Good Bye.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Love the ending!
Jax is too cute!
Maybe he got his OCD from spending too much time over at my place???? ;)

Jamie said...

So stinkin' cute!! Happy birthday, sweet Jax! What a blessing you are to your family.

Audy...loving the last picture. It's classic two-year-old!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday cute boy!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

happy birthday to an adorable boy. loved that last picture! ha ha