Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soapbox Saturday: "Modest when it's the Hottest"

Yes it is 112 degrees this week....and not looking cooler anytime soon! Anyone would know, especially us Arizonan natives, that it is dang hot outside.

But it never ceases to amaze me each summer to witness the amount of clothing people wear shrinking drastically! And we know it happens long before the temperature even reaches the 100's...perhaps the second Winter is over.

From young, to mid, to teen, to (moms) much older girls displaying their:

*short shorts/skirts*
*sleeveless & see-through shirts*
*skimpy swimsuits*
*sliding up/down shirts*
*suctioning  (tight-fitting)
(like my "S" alliteration?)

~What's disheartening is that we see more & more of it even with the church-going crowd; People that know better. Or say they believe differently but don't show it. Even Moms that are letting their young girls think it's okay to show off their body. ..And then of course by the time they're teenagers, well.. it's already engraved in their brains. If they don't learn young, the mom's can't expect their daughters to all of the sudden just figure it out. And then down the road the parents just can't seem to figure out {insert sarcasm} how their daughter has immorality issues or why she wants to date the "bad boys" etc. etc. *The worst is when the moms, these daughters ultimate examples, come out in their seasonal cleavage-showing swimsuits. And are the Dad's really okay with it when they know the way other boys/men can think when looking at their wives and daughters? I think the Father really has to step up and preside in this situation to protect his precious girls.

~I think maybe a lot of people might do it just because it's the fad/trend whatever. Because everyone wears it...Really?...We care that much to fit in to a disgusting world? Is that our goal? Or maybe it's that we've just become so accustomed to seeing it or wearing it that we tend to tune it out or become numb to it.

To stand out we just can't fit in. 

Makes me think of this quote along my sidebar that I love:

"Women of God can never be like
Women of the World...

The world has enough women who are TOUGH;
we need women who areTENDER.

There are enough women who are COARSE;
we need women who are KIND.

There are enough women who are RUDE;
we need women who areREFINED.

We have enough women of Fame and Fortune;
we need morewomen of FAITH.

We have enough GREED;
we need moreGOODNESS.

~We have enough VANITY;
we need more VIRTUE.~

We have enough POPULARITY;
we need more PURITY."

Margaret D. Nadauld ~General Conference 2000

It's just sad to me. Perhaps there are even those who need someone like a Church Leader stating such words like "do not walk around half naked" for the light to come on in their heads!? ...or maybe they can just justify it since they haven't "heard" it lately. C'mon we all have brains with memories & should be using them. Seriously though, we have ALL been given AGENCY, COMMON SENSE, and in our Church we have WONDERFUL things like the "Strength of Youth" Pamphlet-a guideline for youth going over our standards from music to clothing etc. We know what our bodies are made for & it's certainly not to show them off!

~I don't have ALL the answers,
BUT I do know that modesty is one of them!~

from my 

{P.S. Don't look at the Birthday Post below. My son decided to rebel against my Modesty preaching. What can I say...He was HOT. :)}

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Jodi Davis said...

I am SO with you on this one and have had this same conversation MANY times. I still remember sitting in a meeting with my bishop when Brooklyn was not even 1 and him and another mom were talking how they never let their daughters wear anything immodest (tank tops, etc.) when they were little and because of it they never had a problem with them pushing the immodesty issue as a teenager. From that very moment I took their advice to heart and have never let Brooklyn wear anything that shows her arms, belly or shorts that are too short and she has never fought me on it. I am really hoping that it will last even when she is a teenager. If it is ok at 7 why isn't it ok at 16? I figure it is something that needs to be learned very young.