Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st Stop~Gettysburg

       Union Soldier 

Confederate Soldier 

~Imagine the Year 1863~  
The Confederate Army is stationed here.  Canons were placed here along the front lines where this one is. The Union would be marching right up where they wanted 'em to.
Straight ahead through the field you can see the house that would've been 
Gen. Robert E. Lee's headquarters.
Now flash forward about 150 years & here we are on the other side of the field at Lee's headquarters. There was a Motel built around it mimicking the original building.... 
& we were lucky enough to stay in the quaint Suite of this Historic Motel. Isn't it cute?
We walked through the new Gettysburg Visitor's Center 
and to my surprise the kids really got into it.
(watching a video clip below)
We had a nice guide named Gar drive with us through the town & give us details about 
the 3 day battle there.
Tim being the War History buff that he is, 
talked intricate details with Gar about Gettysburg. have a front yard like this!
I took advantage of the guide-thing & got some family shots 
that almost NEVER happen on trips.

The kids thoroughly LOVED just wandering the fields,looking at the sites, picking flowers, finding sticks, pinecones & collecting rocks, acorns and leaves.

Looking down at the edge of Gettysburg from 
"Little RoundTop" 
where 15,000 Confederates tried to get around the Left flank of the Union defenses.

As we walked to the graveyards I caught this on camera: Spence had grabbed Kaylea's hand as they walked up the hill. (Refreshing to see as I hear them fighting right now in the other room as I type.) 

We talked to the kids about the Civil War and how the North & the South fought against each other & what they fought about. We discussed how Satan knew how important this country of America would be and how hard he tried to ruin it. We said also that we can see how Heavenly Father has protected this country and that He would not let Satan destroy those plans. Then we walked to the location that Abraham Lincoln gave his memorable speech known as the Gettysburg Address. While Kaylea & Daylan colored pictures of Pres. Lincoln, Spencer & I memorized the 1st paragraph of the Address.

It all came to life as they began seeing gravesite after gravesite.

This was our first day.


Callie said...

Wow, what an amazing trip! Those are some great lessons learned, and so much more real and vibrant not coming from a textbook. Love the pictures. Don't you love how GREEN it is out east? I can never get over that whenever I go there. Love your cute hat, too! :)

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

cool...I just learned more from your blog than I did in school! Looks so interesting. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Lundell Family said...

How much the kids are learning is so much fun. Nothing like teaching them as they are actually there.. It is also nice to see you in the pictures. You look really cute. I can't wait for your kids to tell us all about the history. They are probably learning more than I know

Jeni Everett said...

Can I sign up for your home school. What fun! I loved going back to those sites. I know they will remember this trip forever more. Katie says hi to Kaylea too:)

Lacey said...

ah i am so jealous!! looks like fun, i would absolutely LOVE to take that trip. cute pictures!! thats so awesome that you guys are doing that

Aleia said...

Can I come to your homeschool too? Looks like a great trip and this is only day one...cant wait to see the rest!

sarajane said...

Thats so cool! Looks like you guys are havin fun... and also learnin lots! I bet spence is taken it all in like a sponge! Wish I could be there with you guys. Say hi to the kids for me:)

Church Family said...

Isn't Gettysburg such a great place. There really is a reverent spirit there among those beautiful rolling hills. Enjoy. Can't wait to hear more.

Unknown said...

Wow can you homeschool me, you kids have seriously seen more in their short lives than I have in almost 30 years. They will definitley be well rounded smarties. I love the one of Kaylea in the archway and the family ones, you look so cute in your hat! I am excited to see more nad hear of your great adventures!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time and learning tons! It's so green there...

I can't wait to see where the next stop it. :)

♥ Natalie said...

How amazing for your children. I wish I could have been there as well! I am so glad that you guys were able to spend time as a family there. I really love how you use every moment that you have to teach your children, and how you are always able to relate it back in a spiritual sense. Just as our Savior taught. You are an amazing Mother.