Wednesday, September 10, 2008

*Day Today

~This morning Daylan walked into my room and said "Mom why you dressed? We going tumwhere?"

How pathetic is that? My child thinks the only time I get dressed is when we leave the house. Ok so maybe that IS the only time I get dressed -but is it that obvious? 

Earlier this morning at breakfast I was just staring at Day eating his cereal &  said: "Daylan I love you So Much." He replied smiling with his scrunchie eyed smile: "Mom I love you too... Now stop saying that so much!" 

Maybe I say it a lot.


Tiffany said...

So cute! You can never say I love you too much! Kids are so sweet. My daughter probably thinks the same thing about me when I get dressed! It only happens when we are leaving!

Callie said... were always in your P.J.'s when I came to visit teach too! It's ok, I have received that comment a couple times too, and if I wasn't at your house visiting teaching, I was at home in MY P.J.'s!! :) Things haven't changed either...Tom lovingly calls them "my uniform". It's ok..when we DO get dressed we look dang cute, and that's all that matters! :)

Heather Jeppsen said...

That's funny. Chase just said the same thing to me the other day. I was getting dressed and he said where are we going? Oops. We do have a lot of pajama days, but now they are both in school so at least they get dressed!

Unknown said...

Oh I miss my pajama pants Audy Potty Head. I love your little munchkin and his witty personality. I can seriously hear his little voice saying to stop saying that so much. How are you feeling????

Lundell Family said...

I relate to you 100%. Roc does the same thing when I put clothes on. I love how kids are just so honest.

Lacey said...

haha when i read this the first thing i thought of was carrie!!!

Aleia said...

I only get dressed when I am going somewhere too:)