Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

Happy 15th Birthday Ashlyn!
Goodness my heart skips a beat when I realize how fast time has gone from 
 to this.
 It makes me aware of the time that is quickly passing us by as my own kids grow. Ashlyn has always been such a good girl. I remember when she was 5 and we were engaged, Tim would say to me "Audra if we have kids that are like Ashlyn...I could have 10 of 'em."

Spence & Ashlyn

Ashlyn & Dude

Kaylea & Ashlyn

Daylan & Ashlyn

(Ice Caves in Bellemont 2008)

~Ashlyn has always been a fantastic Aunt and shows genuine interest in the kids. They look up to her and she has set a great example for all of her neices & nephews. Kaylea will often talk about how Ashlyn "taught" her how to play Barbies. A few weeks ago I was looking through pictures and Daylan wanted me to stop at the above picture of Daylan & Ashlyn swimming. Day proceeded to say "Mom, I love Ashlyn... cuz she doesn't wear floaties!" 
Ashlyn is so super talented and many people know her for her singing & acting abilities. The best part though is that she is humble about it. Ashlyn is true to who she is. Ashlyn has also been a great example to her peers. She is honest and stands up for what she believes in. She has many friends but I know a little secret... and this I LOVE! Often times she would rather stay home and be with her family than go out with friends. Sshhh..don't tell. This brings us back to Tim's statement when she was 5!☺

Well Ash we just wanted to let you know how much we love you and hope that you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!
 ~We Love You~


sarajane said...

ah those pics are adorable! HAppy Birthday Ashlyn!

Lacey said...

hi Audra, What an adorable tribute. I got teary eyed as I saw those little monkeys wrapped around her leg. (oh how she loved them),But I just had to tell you something funny. Tonight Her dad and I said Ash we will take you to see "forever strong" and you can take as many friends as you want.. Her reply was this "Oh mom i was with my friends all day I just want to be with you and dad..You were 'SPOT ON' ..somethings never change..thanks for the sweet tribute.. we miss you guys and we'll see you after conference...

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday to Ash!! WE love her so!!

Lacey said...

this is such a cute tribute!! wow i love those monkeys, i miss them. ash and i would play those all day long and sleep with them every night. the girl was mine and the boy in blue was ash's. i can't believe she is 15 its crazy!!! good job audra, as always

Lundell Family said...

You did such a nice job on that tribute. She is everything you just wrote. I have always told Mason the same thing about "if I knew I would get 10 Ash's I would have 10 kids"