Monday, September 29, 2008

"It's the end of the world as we know it..."

*1.2 Trillion Dollar Loss in the stock market today!*
Down -777 points! (An all time record in the History of the Earth!!)

~Uh I'm no Economist but isn't that a lot more than the 700 Billion "bailout" that was proposed and rejected? ...And this was just the 1st day. Not that there is a terrific option but c'mon people this is ridiculous! I hate Politics but love our Country! Such a sticky situation! I have a feeling things will be getting a lot worse before they get better! Hold on's gonna be a long ride. This is going to affect so many more things than I think people even realize!! From groceries to gas (& you think they're bad now), to the ability for anyone to get any kind of loan, it will deeply affect pensions, retirement accounts & your 401K plan. Deep breath audra....

Ok so this kinda does remind me of the pride cycle in the Book Of Mormon, & maybe we do deserve it...a "Recession." I do agree that we are a "have-it-now lazy generation", BUT there will be so many hard working small business owners go under if this does NOT pass. If people can't afford to spend their money, these businesses WILL fail. 

OK Enough of the doom & gloom! I do have to say I'm most definitely looking forward to this weekend's * GENERAL CONFERENCE * to give us hope, remind us of why we're here, and remind us what our eternal goals & mission really is. 

It reminds me of being there in the Conference Center (October '01 after 9/11) and hearing President Hinckley speak of this countries uncertain future.  I'll never forget that crack in his voice as he teared up..he knew it was going to be rough. And now it will be another comforting voice as we listen to our Prophet, President Monson and he gives us counsel.

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Stephanie said...

I agree... I can't wait for Conference and the peace that it brings with it. It always puts life into better perspective.