Thursday, September 4, 2008

*Labor Day Weekend

~Last weekend consisted of

Merry-Go-Round Rides 
(or as kaylea would say 'miracle round')
at the Mall, little shopping for our upcoming trip, swimming & Mom's 50th Birthday BBQ. 

THE BIG 5 0!

And Brittany is oh so precious. Goodness who would we laugh at ...I mean what would we do without her? So Britt made a "special dessert" for my Mom's birthday dinner to go along with cake and ice cream. She created her own "mousse"...which we referred to as "Loose Moose"! It was a hit with the kids!

~ Kaylea and my Mom as they looked at the 
birthday card Kaylea made for her~


Stephanie said...

loose'll have to feel me in!

Kathy said...

Well, Dad started the insanity. The "mousse" was runny. He referred to it as "Moose rhea"...from there you get "Loose Moose". So, we weren't really laughing at Britters, we are just goofy.