Friday, September 12, 2008

♥Happy Birthday Kaylea♥

6 Years Ago we brought home this:

It's the Princess'♔ Birthday!

this girl turned 2 just days before & thinks she can climb a rock wall

Today my little girl turns 6!

~Our little Kaylea is surely one of a kind. I've never met a kid like her. She is tough and sensitive all at the same time. She has a strong spirit and is a girl on a mission. Kaylea is determined to achieve any goal she sets for herself and doesn't stop till she achieves it. If she really wants something...she WILL DO you can see from the collage of photos below. This is the same strong willed little girl who was determined to make a basket on her brother's 10 foot basketball rim. I have her on video somewhere trying for what was probably an hour to make a basket. Soaking with sweat, sure enough she started hitting those shots.

Now this trait was not a developed one over time either...she was BORN with it. Right when Kaylea was born I kissed her quickly and then it seemed as if there were many whispers. As she was incubated in the NICU for her lungs, they there told me that she had a few abnormalities and skin defects. The moment I was holding her though, none of that seemed to matter. I gazed at my beautiful daughter and I could sense her strong, sweet spirit; I knew all would be okay. She was a fighter and you could feel it in her tiny little 5 pound 12 oz. body. Her spirit could calm her grown mothers and all those around her.

The Years went Quickly....



1st Bday picture in storage(before digital:)

Kaylea's Birthday Interview:
So Kaylea what is your favorite thing to do? I like to do karate
Don't you like art projects and stuff? Oh yea and those too
What is your favorite food? macaroni & cheese and ice cream
What about your favorite chore? my favorite chore?(pause)....walking over to get the mail
What's the best thing you've learned at school? Um.. in my preschool I learned well.. when the dentist teached me about this story where there was a caterpillar who ate food every day but then he started eating junk food every day and got so fat that he was sick but then he turned into a butterfly and then...Yea that was it.
What about your homeschool teacher...Isn't she pretty cool? Yea (sighing)
How bout your favorite colors? Red and pink and blue and green
What's your favorite thing to wear? Hmm..those like capris that you cut out the hearts of em
Oh your jeans that I cut up?.. Yea.
Who are your best friends? Could I say cuzins too? Probly macey, ava and sophie, Um..ashlyn, clarissa and then lauren, katie oh and jett...and natalie, and brooke -that's like almost all my friends.
Why are you excited to be 6? So I can start losing teeth and so I can be BIG ...and strong.
Tell me what you would like to be when you grow up: Let's see..I wanna be a doctor no I mean a fighter fighter
You mean a fire fighter?
Yea a fire fighter like Dad was.
Honey Dad wasn't a fire fighter.
Yea he was....
No ...he used to be. I can't believe you don't remember Mom!
Me: why d...(trying to get a word in)
Mom it's True! DON'T LAUGH!
(a break in the interview so tim could tell her he just helped the fire fighters 1 time in Flagstaff when trees in a meadow were on fire.
She leaves the room saying under her breath).. He really was a fighter fighter.


What is your favorite toy? Marin (her doll)
What do you love about her? that she sucks on her thumb.
Who are your favorite brothers: Spencer and Daylan
What about favorite Dad? DAD hah!
Who's your favorite Mom? (points at me & laughs)
What do you love doing with your family? I love going swimming with 'em and like going to dinner with them and stores.
Who's your favorite TV or movie character? Um... my favorite movie character is Indiana Jones.
How 'bout your favorite actor or rock star? Jonas Brothers are my favorite Rock stars
So is that all Mama? Ouch I got an itch (putting on her new shoes)

(She runs out of room making sure no eye contact is made so she can get back to playing!)

Happy Birthday Kaylea!


Callie said...

Love it! I can't believe how quickly six years goes by...I remember when she was a newborn too. Happy Birthday Kaylea!! :)

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kaylea! I can't believe 6 years has passed that fast. She is such a sweet girl with a strong spirit. Ava is so excited to come over tonight!

Lundell Family said...

Happy Birthday to sweet little Kaylea!!!! I know she won't like her Aunt calling her little, but she will always be in my eyes. I love you sweetheart and hope you have the best birthday ever. Macey was so excited to celebrate it with you

Lacey said...

aww happy birthday to kaylea!!! wow, i can't believe she is 6 years old, that is so weird to me! what did she do for her little birthday party?? LOVE YOU KAY!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday Kaylea! Did she get our present we sent w/ Tim? I love all the pictures, it's amazing how fast they grow and change. Hope she had/has a great party!!!

Jason & Shannon said...

Ok it is official that I want to move to the Mesa/Phoenix area so I can hang out with your kids! I have fallen in love with them, from reading all about them. Tell Kaylea Happy birthday for me (even though she most likely has no idea who I am).

It seems like Jason and I go to the valley almost every weekend. We should go have dinner or something when we are there.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie. Sent me a picture in your cupcake dress!

Jeni Everett said...

Time sure flies when you are having fun! Happy B-day from me and Katie too. We hope you had a blast!

The Ashlocks said...

She is so cute! Happy Birthday!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Kaylea! You are such a sweet heart - I always get a kick out of her personality. She's a hoot!

Unknown said...

Happy b-day Kaylea, what a cutie pie she is. I love her little interview, it is fun reading those and getting a glimpse of their personalities!

Stephanie said...

Okay I can totally imagine what Kaylea was doing in the bike picture.....she makes me laugh!

Teuscher said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kaylea. I sure miss you in Primary!

Love Sis. Teuscher

Kristal said...

Ok, I have to admit I didn't read this whole post, but what I read, I loved, and she's freaking adorable! Her and Jado would make a cute little blonde couple someday.