Sunday, June 8, 2008

*"Auntie Mama" sees her boys


~ My sister Steph & Marcus and their boys Ethan & Carson arrived last week and we have loved having seen and hung out with them. We sure have missed their family as they've been in Idaho the last year & a half. Thank goodness for blogging, I felt I already knew little Carson as I held him for the 1st time!
~When they first got here Ethan had on a continuous smile! It melted my heart. He is almost 2 and is practically as tall as Daylan. If he likes something he says .."Cool." Carson is now 3 months and is sweet as pie. He cooed a lot and was so cuddly. I love his little nose flares & "good & plenty" candy shaped toes...I could just eat 'em. He does have a good set of lungs on him too!!

~I have always thought of myself as a typical, nurturing mother figure to children in general. But I have to say, there's nothing like your sisters' kids. I seriously could take them as my own today without skipping a beat.

~My kids all loved playing together with those boys and I'm sure they will miss playing with their Goodwin cousins. They left early yesterday morning and are back in Idaho now. We will sure miss them. Hopefully we'll see them sooner than later. Come back soon boys to see your "Auntie Mama!"


Tiffany said...

It looks like your kids had so much fun with their cousins! You are such a good aunt Audra! I am sure your nephews just LOVE you. I am sure you miss them a ton! They are ADORABLE!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

how fun..I love seeing my sister and her boys too. I know the feeling that you could take them as your own. Something about sisters and children.

Stephanie said...

Who are those cutie boys!
We loved seeing you guys. Thanks for being a great Aunti Mama:0

Lyal said...

My sis is pregnant. I CAN NOT wait, it's so different. Ethan is so cute~