Saturday, June 28, 2008

✎Lacey Graduates!

Seems like just yesterday Lacey looked like this...But now she's all grown up.

Tim's little sister Lacey graduated this last week in Laguna Beach & we went out there for the occasion. Here's a few photos.

~2008 High School Graduate ~

kay, tim, lace & me

lacey & parents

lacey & her boyfriend jordan

The Girls-(lacey's sisters, mom & neices)

 *Lacey & her friend Kaitlyn walking in at the beginning of the ceremony. Congratulations Lacey! We Love You and know you have big goals and dreams to fulfill Good Luck! ...oh yea and Thanks for letting us stay in your room:)


Swirls of Happy said...

What a beautiful family!!!! She is so stinkin' cute...congrats! Must be nice to graduate in Laguna...wish I lived there!

Tracey said...

We miss having you here! Did you find a place to live?

Lacey said...

how cute!!! again, no surprise how on top of everything you are! that video is so cute!! wish you guys were still here, if you wanna come my room is always available!