Monday, June 16, 2008

*The Birthday Party

how many boys can you fit on a teeter totter?

more water balloons please!

getting wet
how many kids can you fit on the swingset?

spencer's favorite: present time
We kinda had a last minute friend party to celebrate Spencer's 8th birthday. We had over 8 boys plus a couple cousins & siblings added in there. Yea it got a little crazy but it went great. Tim BBQed & the kids played for hours on end. They played some "sprinkler basketball" & lots of water balloon games. I found that if you give boys some Dippin Dots & water balloons that they can keep busy for hours. It was a great bunch of boys too. (There was only one of 'em I could've done without;) Spence wanted to have over the kids he enjoys most..a managerie of kids from school, church, neighborhood, basketball and some cousins. It was a great time & the best part was that my kids slept so good that night from being so tired!


Frolicking Night Owl said...

You are a BRAVE woman!!

Jen-ben said...

holy kids audra! That's awesome!

Unknown said...

Wow Audy you are a crazy, brave, girl taking on that many boys!! He looks like he scored in teh present dept. though! Happy B-day Spence!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

sorry that the boys couldn't join in that fun..they would've loved it. We have his present here. Let me know if Tim is coming up for business and I'll bring it into town for him.

sarajane said...

looks like fun... haha I remember our classic swingset pictures from our birthday parties!!!