Monday, June 30, 2008

*Bowling in Cali

gotta love the shoes;)

go , go , go

Kaylea my competitive natured child was the one 
who totally cared about the score up above...
thank goodness for those bumpers!

learning skills from dad

the long wait

i caught kay in the middle of the hair flip 
& the boys funny faces

tim & miss lacey with her hot pink #7 ball


Shawna said...

I love bowling with kids. It's one of our favorite family activities. Even if only one pin gets knocked down, it's a big deal. It might have taken 10 minutes for the ball to reach the pin but it's a big deal!
Cute photos!

Brooklyn said...

Audra! Can I tell you how much your kindness on Sunday meant to me! Your are so wonderful. Thankyou Audra! Tim's sister Lacey is adorable. Love the graduation and bowling pictures. Thankyou for the birthday shout out too! Have a great day :)- Brooke

Lacey said...

haha this day was fun!!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

uh, looks like you guys did this and this is what my boys are asking to do when we go to Cali...hopefully someone will want to come with us..

Unknown said...

Love the bowling picts, looks like so much fun! I really love the pict of Kaylea flipping her hair, I think she is gearing up for a Pantene Comercial in a few years. What a cutie.