Friday, June 13, 2008

*Happy 15th Birthday Phylip!

Ok so you all know that I see Birthdays as being good for two things. Bragging about that person & also embarassing them. So hopefully I accomplish both in this next post.:

Phylip (almost 6) in his tux
on my wedding day

~we definitely would not be complete without him!~

*My baby brother Phylip turns 15 today!! I was 14 years old when he was born so last year was neat as I was 28 (double his age ) and he actually turned 14-the age I was when he was born. He was 5 when I went off to college and it was hard to not see him grow up for a time. I'll never forget though when Tim & I were dating, Phylip would come running in and jump on Tim's lap gigglin' like a little kid...okay he was a little kid. I remember that Phyl was baptised the same day as Spencer's 1st Birthday Party. Funny to think he was the age Spencer is now when I already had a 1 year old. I'm glad to live down here now so I can feel just a little bit more apart of his growing up years.
Some wonderful things we love about Phylip:

*Phyl's always been a Mama's boy and would always give Mom a hug no matter what his age. (I hope my boys will be like that.)
*Phylip is so super talented! He is so awesome on the piano♬that it's not even fair. He's already way passed me up! He has an amazing ear and can play practically anything he hears like his brother tommy. He plays a bunch of songs off the radio just as good as the pianist on the radio such as: "had a bad day", "100 years to live", "not gonna write you a love song", "let it be" and more.

*Phyl is equally as good as an artist. Two of his recent drawings of my brother danny & the late Pres. Hinckley. He is also a sculptor and has made many clay creations that are so cool! He's made many action & scripture hero figures, along with a bust of Daylan's head.

*The best thing about Phylip though is how nice he is. He is a genuine friend to everybody and has never had the typical rude teenager antics. He has many friends and from what I hear is the life of the party. Phyl has a great sense of humor and one thing that comes to mind is his talent show performance & reenactment of Napoleon Dynamite's dance.
*Phylip is a great Uncle! The kids just LOVE him! For example the first thing that Spencer said when he opened his birthday present the other day was: "Phylip's gonna love this!" Here's a picture from a few years ago or so as he teaches Spence & Kaylea the art of video games.
*Phylip has a strong testimony of the gospel as is displayed in his actions and sweet writings. Recently he wrote this on his blog regarding the pioneer trek they just took:
"Not only have I gained a better understanding of their (pioneer) sacrifices but I've gained a stronger testimony of the gospel. I am so glad that I went, and I can feel the change that has happened in me. I think of my life as if it were a sculpture.... and it's the important moments in your life, or your good or bad actions, that change, shape, or mold you into what you're going to become in the future. and I can say without a doubt, this.. has become one of those shaping moments."
Wow huh? 15 years old! Does it get any more impressive than that? Have I embarassed you yet Phyl??

*Happy Birthday Phylip!* We Love You

Have a Great Day Philly Cheese!
and Remember...."15 there's still time for you.."


Phyl said...

aww thanks audy potty! :)

Tiffany said...

Wow! He sounds so amazing! I wish I could do half of his talents. How were you all blessed with musical talent? Amazing! You have a great family Audra!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

WOW!! I remember being Phyl's primary teacher when I was a single mom in his ward. He was always such a good little boy, kinda shy and always obedient...not like another Curtis boy I heard about!! He is such an amazing young man. I hope Melissa finds a nice guy like him to marry one day!

AudyCamp said...

yup heidi every family gets a wild one! Lucky that Brian of all people got to teach Danny...he needed a little "breaking in"..I can just see it now...Hehe:) I'm just glad my brothers all turned out so good in the end.