Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David Archuleta~"Be Still My Soul"

**David Archuleta (Post-American Idol) singing for a school of troubled-youth.
(pause side music)

"Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side;
With patience bear thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change He faithful will remain.
Be still, my soul: Thy best, thy heav'nly Friend
Thru thorny ways leads to a joyful end."

~I could listen to this all day! His voice is so amazing & to hear him sing one of my favorite hymns " Be Still My Soul" is a treat. Things have been hard for me lately in various ways and as I listen to this song I am given much peace. It reminds me of the scripture in the Doctrine & Convenants when the Lord spoke to Joseph Smith:

"....peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine affliction shall be but a moment; And then if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; ...Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands."
D&C 121:7-9

~I definitely am blessed with friends and loved-ones who stand by me through harder times.
Enjoy the Music!


Fauset Photography said...

I love that! Thanks for sharing!

Jason & Shannon said...

That is one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks!

Taylor Lynn said...

I love his voice too! I was so bummed that he didn't win. Hope you guys are getting everything figured out with the move. We possibly might be moving this summer too. We miss you guys here and wish you could have stayed longer!

Taylor Lynn said...

sorry it's tiff. taylor was signed in!

Jeni Everett said...

That was one of the best posts I have ever seen. Thank you. I am sad to hear that you are moving. I only hope you stay within the ward!!

Anonymous said...

As I have run across your blog, for what appears to be one of the last times. I would just like to thank you for your wonderful and yet so powerful example to Brittany. She loves to look at your blog (As have I) because it has such a great feeling of home to it. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you and your family. Keep up the great work. I ll be prayen for your little family in this trying time that you are in. Josh B.

The Evans Family said...

Your testimony and example gives peace to so many people...I hope YOU KNOW how much you are loved!!! Love the song- one of my favorites!!

sarajane said...

Love it-- his voice is amazing!

Unknown said...

THis is one of my favorite hymns too. Audy, I am sorry things are so ruff right now. I love the scripture you included in this post, it is so fitting to life right now. You are an amazing person and I really love you so much. You guys are in our prayers.