Friday, February 22, 2008

*Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

~So in these next few months there will be lots of babies coming!
I wanted to share with you some of these little ones that are joining us.~
*4 Girls & 1 Boy* (3 cousins, 2 friends)

*Jordyn Ray, Rachael & Lyal Ray's first little girl came into the world January 27th, the same hour our Prophet left this world. Isn't she sweet? She was welcomed with open arms to 3 very excited older brothers. (Jacob, Jarom & Jaxon) I feel somewhat responsible for this cute little thing since I set up her mom and dad.

*Next in line is my cute younger sister Stephanie who is far, far away in Idaho. She is going to be having her baby within the next week!! They are expecting their second little boy who will
be named Carson Goodwin. (I'm very proud of Steph that she came up with her name before he was born.-I'm big on that ya know.) Carson & his big brother Ethan will be 19 months apart and I'm sure best buddies for life. We hope to see them all soon. We can't wait!!!

*Elsie Rose Check is due just days later, the beginning of March, to Tiffany (my sister n law) & Jason Check. She will be joining her excited sisters Emmie & Ava. We are praying for Elsie's safety along with her Mom's as she enters this world. There are many dangers with her being born, so we are all anxious but excited for when she will join us and be here safely. The Check's have been waiting a long time for her!

*One of my best friends in the whole world, Hannah, will be having their 5th child in April. We are calling her for now the Redford Baby Girl. They opened up an envelope Christmas morning (that they saved from the ultrasound) & found out as a family that they were having another little girl to give her sister a playmate:) Phew! This baby girl will join her big brothers Connor, Seth, Easton & big sister Mylie.

*Lastly will be the Campbell Baby Girl due in May. They are deciding on names such as Claire, Paige, Scottlyn, Maddie, Raegan, Paisley or Kyra. Tim's (only) brother Brian wished for a baby girl for their last child. Well his wish came true and I can't think of a better way to complete their family. Again, I have to say I feel a little responsible for this baby girl as I also set up her Mom & Dad. We gladly welcome this Campbell Baby Girl and can't wait to see this combination of her siblings Melissa, Natalie, Trenton & Zane.

~We Welcome All Of These Precious Babies~


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

whew! when you write it all out..sounds like alot!! Thanks for setting us up and for the adorable post that includes us!

Tiffany said...

Wow! That was a cute post! I think your family needs to join the baby club! Lots of girls are coming into this world. Thanks for the sweet post Audra!

Brooklyn said...

Audra! Your family pictures are beautiful!!!!! I never get to talk to you at church! Kyler does not like being in Sunbeams! Your kids are just the cutest!

Kristal said...

Aww, when I read "campbell baby due" at the end I was hoping it was an announcement! Um, ok, so you don't own ANY dippin dots now?! We were told that you still owned the QC one, then we went to it this weekend and the worker girl said you sold out?! I think you all should open a chipotle (or ANY eatting place) in FLagstaff now!

Miken Harding said...

How do you know Hannah and Jason? I was her roommate at EA before we were the pink ladies. Her wedding was the funnest wedding I have ever been too. How do I get in touch with her? Tell her hello for me.

Jeni Everett said...

The other day I saw that the girl scouts were outside the store selling yummy cookies. Honestly, we have almost eaten all of our cookies. We are the biggest pigs!!

Shapiro said...

After all this time blogging you'd think I'd get how to do the comment thing. I just figured it out and found your comments left forever ago. Sorry! So I added you to my links list - I loved reading about your Valentine's day! I'm sad we didn't get to catch up much at the reunion but it's fun to read and see your cute blog. Thanks for keeping in touch in that way! You are awesome and I can see a very fun and involved mommy! :)
Catherine (McAllister)