Wednesday, February 27, 2008

*Happy Birthday Steph*

~Oh my little Sissy-Poo! What do I say about Stephanie? Well we've had a love-hate relationship for oh about ...26 years. Just Kidding. My Mom tells the story of bringing newborn baby Stephanie home from the hospital & within hours I (being 2 & 1/2) positioned myself at the far corner of the room, ran as fast as I could and body slammed my newborn baby sister. My Mom thought I had smashed her to death...but nope she was a strong little sucker.:)

~I think by the time she was 3 she was already taller than me. I was always asked if I was the younger one. Ughhh! The two of us have shared many times together..the good, the bad, the beautiful! From cat fights to late night boy talks, to giving of porcelain dolls & blue homemade elephants (inside joke.) As we were growing up she was always known as the peace maker, although she could flick you or pull your hair without Mom ever knowing.
~We are SO different, yet SO the same. I guess that's the true definition of a sister...right? For instance, I always chose chocolate; she always chose the sugary candy. She wanted hot dog, I wanted hamburger. Steph was tall & blonde, I was short & brunette. She was always athletic, ....Uh I could hardly do a cartwheel. I'm always very detailed, she's so easy-going & laxadasical. (I think I even told her what color her wedding flowers would be.. Wait did I?)
~ Yet among our silly differences, we always giggled together at Dad's dancing fingers on the steering wheel, laughed at Mom's dances in the kitchen, sang together at the piano & shared a room most of our lives & talked ourselves silly to sleep every night.

~Now years later & miles apart, it's so funny that as we talk on the phone we realize we've bought the same things at the store, same clothes for us or our boys, made the same thing for dinner. Sometimes we'll hear our voices on an answering machine and not know which one of us it is.
~Steph is a good Mommy, Sister, Wife & Daughter. She was our favorite hair cutter, but deserted us when they moved to Idaho. She is expecting their 2nd child any day...(any minute really!) ~a little boy named Carson.~ We hope to come visit them soon & see the newest addition to our family.



sarajane said...

cute audy! happy birthday to stephers!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

What a sweet post Audra! I love sisters! They are so fun. There is nothing like it! Are they inducing her? I can't wait to hear. Keep us posted.

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I feel like that about my sister...sorta ;) I know you guys are close and that is so cool that you can write all those cool things about her. I hope everything goes well for her and Tiffany too. Lot's a babies coming!!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

This is why we really hoped #2 would be another girl for our family. There's a special bond that only sisters can have. I don't really have it with any of my sisters because of the gap in age, but I hope that Marina & Molly will have this special friendship as they grow-up. :)

christa said...

Hey, I haven't checked your blog in a while but it was so fun to hear about the Redford's. How great that you got to see Hannah. Wow- I can hardly believe they're on kid #5. You'll have to say hello for me next time you talk to her. Love that girl!!