Monday, February 4, 2008

*The New 1st Presidency*

-Photos were taken at this mornings press conference as
the Church announced the new 1st Presidency.-

Prophet~President Thomas S. Monson
1st Counselor~President Henry B. Eyring
2nd Counselor~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

*Tears came to my eyes as I recognized the significance of this above picture of our new Prophet, President Thomas Spencer Monson. Look closely.

~As hard as it is to see President Hinckley go, it is reassuring that the Gospel still goes on. I've never seen President Monson nervous until this morning. There is not one more worthily prepared for this calling then him, although you could sense his humility. That mantle has definitely been placed upon him. I support and sustain our newly appointed Prophet of God,
President Thomas S. Monson.~

~I have been thinking a lot about the early days of the church when Joseph Smith had been martyred and there was much confusion among the members of the church who should be the next prophet. Some felt it should be a relative, most understood it should be Brigham Young. How neat it would have been to be there when the members say Brigham Young was speaking and a miracle happened among the Saints. All present saw the Prophet Joseph in Brigham's face. There was an overwhelming confirmation to the Saints that he was to be the next Prophet of the Lord. What a blessing now to know the succession of the prophets. Just as in the days of Old Testament, we believe the Lord has given us prophets for our day. And why wouldn't he? These-the last days before Christ comes again. When this world is at it's best yet at it's worst. How reassuring to know what we know now.


♥ Natalie said...

Can I just copy and Paste this entire entry into my blog?! SERIOUSLY. I just might!!! It is fabulous.(no, no... I wouldn't do that to you.) :)

♥ Natalie said...

Audra, I wasn't just being nice by leaving a comment! I hadn't even posted on it yet, and was inspired to do so after reading your wonderful post. You are an inspiration, what can I say?!

Unknown said...

I love this entry, I couldn't have said it better. I feel so good about the new presidency. We are so lucky the Lord has everything in order so there is no chaos or confussion when the prophet passes. It will be great to see what his emphasis will be on! I can't wait for conference.