Monday, February 18, 2008

*Happy 3rd Birthday Roc!

Cousin Roc...(& he is one) turns 3 today. Daylan sweetly calls him "Rot-tee."(Rocky) Roc Porter Lundell is a Big 3 year old with a big heart. He is a like a big teddy bear always ready to snuggle. Him & Daylan were sitting next to each other in the movie theatre recently, and it was so sweet to watch these two feeding each other popcorn. How many 2 year olds share like that? I wanted to show these different photos of these boys & how they've grown. From Daylan as newborn in the hospital to 1 year olds, to this Christmas to the other day in the shower. Wow they do grow up so fast.    
  *Happy Birthday Roc*


Lundell Family said...

Thank you for the darling post. You are always so thoughtful. I have to show my kids their birthday posts on your blog that is pretty sad. I can always count on you to come through!!!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

It was fun hanging out for Roc's B-day..He is so cute!