Saturday, February 9, 2008

Romney Suspends Campaign

~So I've been in denial for a couple days now about this. I was so upset when I heard the concession speech on the radio, I had to pull over into a parking lot. I think I've finally come to grips with it. *Romney is definitely a class act.*


Jeni Everett said...

I actually found 2 minutes to leave a comment! YEAH! I was in denial as well about Romney. Hopefully he will prevail in 2012. I know a lot of people are in morning right now. I know I am. I voted for him!

Tiffany said...

I know that I have been in mourning too. It is sad to say but I have not been as interested in politics since. It has been so depressing. He is a class act and I hope and pray that he runs again. I guess our country isn't ready for him yet!

Tia said...

So sad dang it, well we did what we could right!