Saturday, February 16, 2008

*Valentines Day

~Valentines morning Kaylea & Daylan helped me decorate the house with crate paper & other decor. Kaylea woke up like 2 hours earlier than normal out of excitement for the day. Kay & Dude got to go have "Grandma Day" and go to the new McDonalds.        

* I went and helped in
Spencer's school class with his Valentines Party. It was fun to see the kids so excited about their boxes & giving out Valentines to their classmates. (Wednesday I got to help with Kaylea's class party also.) We all had fun decorating the kids' boxes together the night before to bring to their classes. 

*Tim changed it up a bit this year & sent me a "pajama-gram." It was cute. My father 'n law Lonnie sent his annual beautiful flowers to all his 
daughters & daughter 'n laws. -A sweet tradition.- Tim received a comfy pillow & temple pants. We both had our share of chocolates & goodies! 
-The best part of Valentines..right?! 

*My little sis, "Aunt Sara" was sweet enough to watch the kiddos as Tim & I went to Morton's Steakhouse in Phx for a nice dinner. -filet mignon with bearnaise, asparagus with hollandaise, lyonnaise potatoes, the chocolate lava cake & the raspberry souffle. YUM, YUM! 

*My parents gave us & the kids some balloons & a basket full of fun goodies. (I loved Valentines day as a kid. We always felt just as "loved." I hope our kids feel the same way and don't think it's just a day for couples.)

*So we got home & of course watched the Suns 
game & our tivo-ed shows. We gave the kids their valentines surprises. Here's a picture of them at the end of the night in their new p.j.'s. 

(Unseemingly important details are for journaling purposes.:)


Unknown said...

Oh that sounds like quite a fun day! I love making the kids feel special on V-Day, I loveditasakid too. Jeremy came home and suprised me for V-Day, he was only here like 10 hours, but at least I wasn't alone on Valentines night. You guys look like you had a fun night!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

that's really nice that tim's dad sends you flowers. how thoughtful.

Stephanie said...

ok spence I've finally got your joke for the week,

What kind of teeth can you buy with money?

Buck teeth

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I saw those cute PJ's at the Disney store..Bargain of the month!!