Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 87th Birthday Granddad!

Today Granddad Curtis celebrates a Birthday too! Him and Grandma have been staying in Arizona for almost 2 months as Grandma was hurt & now heals from her surgery. 

As he ages he begins to forget many things; but one thing I know he has not forgotten & that I recently witnessed when I was visiting Grandma in her Rehab center. They had just been reunited again after a week of being separated. I walked out of the restroom and back 
into her room.  
Both Grandma & Granddad were wiping their tears. Then they proceeded to tell me this as they held hands: "We were just saying Audra... how nothing else really matters as long as we are together." He loves her very much and has not forgotten that most important detail.
Father N Sons Campout
 (Dean, Thomas, & Thomas Dean)

Granddad  is one who loves adventure! He longs to always be on the go, go, go.  A man who loves to drive a car and be in charge. Now that he's 87 he's having a hard time slowing down and getting older.  

Granddad has been a pilot, College President, administrator, Friend of a prophet-(Spencer W. Kimball), Father of 5 and Grandfather to ....more than I can count...38 or something?, great-granddad to even more. As a kid he was known (by us grandkids) for his awesome cartoon drawings of Popeye, Snoopy and others, (a talent my siblings aquired & I didn't) always having pecans in his hands to give out, having a library of movies for us to watch that he taped off the TV to his VCR, scooping us perfectly circled ice cream & of course his famous train sound imitation. 

~Happy Birthday Granddad! We Love You~

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