Thursday, October 23, 2008

*Happy Birthday Lonnie*

Happy Birthday Grandpa Lonnie!

Here are a few reasons why we love him:
He's always up for going out for Dinner & Ice Cream

He makes time for the little guys and makes them feel special.

He takes the family on trips around the world and makes them meaningful and memorable.
He's Generous & Genuine

Has a love for game playing

He makes time for those tender moments to talk to you about something special or important.
He stops what he's doing and makes you feel like you are his number 1 priority right then. He truly wants to hear what you have to say and then let's you know it's important & worthwhile. 

Happy Birthday Lonnie. We appreciate all you do for us and so many others! 

*Hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY & 
know that we love you!*


Lacey said...

Once again you are the "Triumphant family birthday tributer" I love seeing the old pictures, what incredible awesome memories. Particularly that scene of us in Barcelona on the segways, That was the funnest most amazing thrill I have had in a long time..(it doesn't take much to thrill me, even snoopys roller coaster at knotts berry farm makes my skin tingle)..Its overwhelming how much time you put into these tributes. I made sure Lonnie saw it, like me, he is not on the blogging scene too much so I had to help him. (imagine that..the blind leading the blind). thank you sweetie love you Debbie

Lacey said...

this is lacey now haha, this is such a sweet post (as usual). he is one of the most generous people i know, i absolutely love that about him. i am so blessed to have the most perfect, loving dad in the world. i loved all the pictures, that one is SO cute of him and spencer on the swing!

Tiffany said...

So sweet Audra! You are the best. You always remember everyones bdays. I wish I could do better. I loved all the pictures. I need to get old pictures on my computer. Hope your having a good saturday!!!!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

SWEET. I too, feel the same way about Lonnie. I'm sure he had a great day.