Wednesday, October 8, 2008

*Busch Gardens

Can you say...Boa- constrictor!
Daylan loved holding the tail!

Daylan's 1st ride alone! He thought he was TOUGH STUFF!

Uh Woah Mom a little more water than I was expecting!

Spence went on the crazy High Swing ride! Made me dizzy to even watch.

Spencer pretending to be scared of the "baby ride."

Gotta love the Carousel.

picking Mr. Tree's nose

*Bumper Cars*
Kaylea was so proud of her "fast & cool brother."

Kaylea went on her 1st Roller Coaster called the *BIG BAD WOLF!*
So this is obviously a copied photo but I wanted to show the "Big Girl Coaster" she went on. 

Her and Tim sat in the front row and her little head was barely visible about the car.

Spencer & I rode it next together & it was a lot of FUN!
It zooms fast through the jungly trees and you feel like you will hit them!

Thumbs up..I THINK I liked it Mom?!

While the others were in the Haunted Maze, Day & I hung out near this scary guy. Daylan insisted he "go give the scary guy five!" So that he did. He was one proud dude.

Boyz at the 3D Pirate Show

Bye Busch Gardens! We had fun!


Anonymous said...

How fun! You got great pics! Those kinds of places are so much fun! Every time someone blogs about one I feel like loading my kids up and going right then. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks like a blast! Glad you survived the roller coaster Kaylea!

Stephanie said...

...oh gee it's up to my knee..oh fiddle it's up to my middle...oh heck it's up to my neck! You guys sure are brave!

sarajane said...

Cute pics!haha I love the one with day holding the very end of the tail!looks like they all had a blast on all those rides:)

Miken Harding said...

I heard that place is fun! Looks like you had a blast. Love that your kids are old enough to have fun like that! Love your new background too!