Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*Welcome to our classroom...

*It's ART Time!*

Not much structure is put into art class. Here the kids were free to use their creativity to paint whatever. But with our Homeschooling schedule I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I've come up with a schedule and we are sticking to it. I've created a template for a typical work day and printed it out so each day I just have to fill in the activities, workbook pages etc. A typical day includes Math, Phonics, Language Arts, P.E., Piano Practice, (Learning Odyssey) Computer Time, Scripture Study And then every other day we do different activites. For example every  Tuesday Tim did a History Lesson prepping us for our back east trip,  Wednesday is Music, Friday is Art & Library and Tuesday/Thursdays are Public Speaking. Saturday is our break day with Piano Lessons, Chores, the typical.  Practically every night we went swimming before it got chilly.  

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