Tuesday, October 7, 2008

*Colonial Williamsburg

So funny thing~ The day we went to "Colonial Williamsburg" so did the Today Show with Al Roker & Matt Lauer. We arrived and were so bummed to find out we were just hours behind them. You all know we ARE NOT morning people but hey we might have tried to be this day if we had known. So both of our Moms were watching the Today Show and both thought "oh they just must not be in that area today." Shucks! That would have been a fun surprise. But here we were hours later in Old Colonial Williamsburg.

Shields Tavern~where we had our delish lunch.

Yum, yum, my favorite part of the town-the candy/fudge shop!

I'm so grateful that my kids really do love each other and are best friends!


Tiffany said...

I have loved reading all you from posts from your trip. Very interesting! That would have been fun to be on the Today show. Bummer. Your blog looks so cute and festive!

Anonymous said...

How fun! The last picture in your post with all your kiddies is perfect! What good kids you have!

Unknown said...

You are an awesome blogger and historian. I love the pict of you under the candy store sign. I hope you are going to turn this "history" blog into a book, it is awesome!