Wednesday, October 1, 2008

*Happy Birthday Brian

~Tim's older Brian celebrates his Birthday today...I've lost track of his age..but he probably doesn't want mean focusing on that anyways.  Back when I met Tim, I was introduced to Brian as the "eternal bachelor." I saw past that facade and began setting him up with people. I knew he'd be a great dad some day and if he wasn't going on dates...well then I'd set him up on one. The second date I set him up on was the charm! ~And 8 years, a wife & 5 kids later here is his beautiful family today.~
One thing I love about both Tim & Brian is that they are the kind of Dads who will get down on the floor, at a child's level and connect. I love this picture that Heidi took of Brian showing Zane house plans.

So I can't decide if Brian & Tim look more like Mafia men or mormon missionaries but I thought this was a cool picture. 

(Italy '06 w/ our Italian driver friend "Sal")

*Brian is the kind of guy who has his own distinct personality. Brian can always put a smile on your face as he tells a story, or joke. Usually he starts laughing before he finishes telling it which makes us all laugh. He is an avid reader (usually science fiction) and has even been known to read a book or two as he's driving ...yes driving people..Watch out! He is super smart when it comes to computers or electronics. He is great Dad..I mean for heavens sakes he just drove the Homecoming float last week for his cheerleading daughter. (Although, I think he secretly liked it.) He's always up for a good time, get together or vacation. He is an easy going guy who lives life one day at a time. Brian is a kindhearted person and is Christlike in many ways.
Happy Birthday Brian! 
We hope you have a great day!


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

HOw cute Audra..thanks, I have had such a hard time blogging the pictures I wanted on my blog today but funny we both put the same picture!! Are you back yet??? Probably ARE coming back though right??

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Man Audra! Every time I read one of your b-day posts, I am amazed at the talent you have for seeing the good in people!! Job well done!

Lundell Family said...

That was another great tribute. I started laughing just when you talked about him laughing before he is finished with his story(classic)

Lacey said...

I had to see your birthday blog to brian, You were SPOT ON once again..I loved the mafia or mormon missionary..thats is just what they look like....have a safe trip home,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN..

Natalie said...

haha, check out my blog! 3 new post!!!!!!!! belevie it or not, but i think i did a good a job!!!!!