Sunday, October 12, 2008

❤Happy 17th Birthday Sara❤

❀Happy Birthday to my Favorite little Sara ever! There are definitely days that I still think of her as a little 4 year old. I see a lot of Sara in my own kids; in their faces, demeanor, and personalities. I remember when she was young thinking there could never have been a more perfect child. She was obedient like no child I'd seen. Sweet, tender, timid and fragile.
~Today Sara turns 17 and again my heart skips a beat as I realize how fast time has flown. Sara found these two pictures; of the 2 of us years ago and of her and kaylea just recently. People have always told us that we look the most alike of the 7 but I have to say she's definitely a cuter version of me:)
Sara Beara is seriously the greatest Aunt ever! She has been the Sister that Kaylea has needed in her life. Almost every picture I have of Sara is of her with one of my kids. That's how much they love her...there's not a moment that doesn't go by that at least 1 of them is not with her. How many 16 (now 17) year olds would be patient enough for that? She recently had promised Kaylea that she'd sleep over on a Friday or Saturday night but then had friends begging her to come hang out. For few minutes we tried to convince Kaylea that she'd come over another night. But sweet Sara just couldn't do it; she couldn't leave Kaylea with her sad face. She is truly Christlike and is always thinking more of others than herself. She will be a great Mom someday!
Making brownies with Daylan & Ethan

spence, day & sara

With Mom & Dude when Ethan was newborn.

Dad, Sara & Phyl '98 Temple Square
(Years earlier as a baby in this exact spot Sara made her 
debut pictured with Dad in the Ensign magazine)

Sara we just wanted you to know
how much you mean to all of us. You are truly someone special and someone who thinks more about others than herself. You are talented in so many ways, musically on the violin, can put a cute outfit together in 2.2, are super crafty (look at this cake), humble, fun to be around and someone who gives so much to others. You have so much to offer this World! Hope you have a great day Little Sis!

~Happy Birthday
We Lve You!~


sarajane said...

aww...thanks for the sweet post Audy. Ive never seen that last picture with me and the kids at the lake-- thats cute!

brittany said...

VERY cute! havent ever seen that picture either! HAPPY BIRFDAY Sarbear! :)

Phyl said...

happy bday sara! (without an H)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Sara, I don't know you, but from this post, I just love you and wish my kids had an aunt like you. Oh and Audy, we have had crap from a lot of people ever since chosing the C.I for Kenz, mostly from strangers, some from my old sign language teacher who was deaf, tons from deaf people out in the community, but ya know, I would never tell them they are wrong for using sign instead of getting a CI and learning to speak, but I did not make the decision for Kenz alone, I was led by the spirit on the path we needed to take with Kenz, so I have learned to just ignore comments and looks form people. Ok love ya!