Sunday, October 5, 2008

*Conference Traditions

*So I still have to do a number of posts on our trip but we are HOME now!

I LOVED *General Conference* yesterday and am excited for today's sessions. 

I remember as a little girl a tradition we would have Sunday evening of conference was that we'd make "Divinity." It was such a treat and I think it really was the only time we ever had it- every 6 months at Conference time. A new tradition I want to start in my own family is making homemade cinnamon rolls Sunday morning of conference. (I'll let you know how it goes.) We also do the typical primary packet for the kids including Candy Word Bingo and Color the Tie of the Speaker which the kids enjoy. I want to know what YOUR TRADITIONS are past and present; what are they? I think making it a nostalgic, sweet experience makes the event all the more precious and meaningful for us & for our kids as they get older. I think the more traditions the better. Share what YOUR FAMILY does General Conference weekend? 

~To listen to conference today (Sunday Oct. 5th) click on General Conference link from 9am-11am/ 1pm-3pm  or turn to BYU channel or Channel 6 if in the valley. Enjoy!~


sarajane said...

well Im sure tim and the kids are very excited for their next conference homemade cinnamon rolls...cause ya know how much of a hit they were-- youre just a natural!hehe:)

Stephanie said...

r u making the frosting... water powder sugar mix? jk! I had to throw that in there! Ya we try to do a fun breakfast... nothing specific. This year doughnut Sat., and homemade egg mc muffins! I do remember looking forward to divinity!

sarajane said...

actually steph you're not far off with that was runny butter, water sugar frosting!yum yum... Audras classic:)jk audy

Becky said...

What a great idea! The only thing we did was to have a booklet we'd paste the picture of each speaker in and write two things they said and talk about it afterwards. I think it's great to make some games and treats part of conference too. Thanks for the idea.

Unknown said...

I love the homemade cinnamon rolls tradition, I may have to borrow that one. I buy a big box of milk duds and after each speaker, if the kids were quiet and listening to the speaker they get one after each speaker. Oh and they also tell me one thing they liked about the talk before they eat their piece of candy. THis year was the first time I did the milk duds and honestly I heard all the speakers this year, usually my kids get too loud. I loved conderence too, I can't wait till April.