Thursday, October 30, 2008


**Part 1:

Ok so this is how it goes! You find the 6th Folder in your PHOTOS, grab the 6th picture in that folder and Wa La. This was mine..The UN-EDITED version of the photo of my nephew Ethan- RED eyeballs and all. Why couldn't it have been the edited precious version. Anyhow I guess it's fitting for Halloween! BOO!

Now for my 6 victims .. I mean people..TAG YOU'RE IT!

Becky T.

**Part 2 of the Tag:

*Find the oldest picture you can of you or family on Halloween. Digital or not! Mine are mostly in storage so this was the best I could come up with.
(talk about scary!!)
And my poor spencer is choking on his costume!


kristal said...

Ha! This is great! I'm on it
Your oldest picture is so cute! I dont' remember you ever having that long of hair! You look like a stinkin teenager! So cute!!!

Raich said...

that is hilarious of tim...good sport...i need to do mine

sarajane said...

hah thats funny. love the pic with little spence:)

Jen-ben said...

Audra, you look EXACTLY the same!! jealous.