Thursday, October 30, 2008

*Spencer Gets His Bobcat Award*

*This month was Spencer's 2nd Official Pack Meeting and he was awarded his Bobcat award in Scouts. Being that it was close to Halloween & all the kids dressed up, I should say "Pirate Spencer" received the award. 

Here he is pinning his Dad and had to do a good "turn" before he could turn the pin right side up and put it on his uniform.

*Our ward does something kinda funny for the boys when they receive their "Bobcat." See that box that says Bob's Cat? Well that's supposed to be a litter box and inside are little surprises left from the cat.....Tootsie Rolls. The boys eat them and the crowd says "Ew..." Or shall I say us parents say "Ew.."; the boys just think it's great.

*Spencer is really enjoying being a Wolf in Cub Scouts and has some wonderful scout leaders!*

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