Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Protecting Our Religious Freedoms!!!

...and Saving the Family!

If you live in California I'm sure you know all about this! Voting YES on Proposition 8 is going to be a HUGE deal!

Less than a month from now on NOVEMBER 4th, Arizona is going to be voting on this similar issue as well on a lower scale with Proposition 102. To me this is more important than who becomes President. Our judges often have more power than the President!

!** This will basically protect Arizona from having judges overturn law as they did to get California in the Prop 8 predicament.

So back to the basics. We learn in our church in the prophet's Proclamation to the Family stating that "Marriage is to be between a Man & a Woman" and are of course taught in the Bible this same concept. But is this propositionJUST about Marriage or Gay Rights...NO! Well IF only that was ALL it was about...and it's not! Read on:

**Proposition 8 will appear in California on the November ballot that states, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in the state of California." I tell you this because if this does in fact fail, it could spread across the country. But if in AZ we can pass this prop 102, our chances become much more slim of turning into a California. There are many people who say, "Well why do i care if two gay people get married, it doesn't affect me and if they truly love each other, then what is wrong with it!" This is NOT really even about two gay people getting married or even their visiting rights. Satan is very tricky my friends!!! This is so much more a battle of religious freedom than anything else! *Religious people of EVERY denomination will lose countless numbers of freedoms, you can't even begin to imagine!* 
~There are hundreds of lawsuits (click on link here or below) going on right now for this very reason. One, for example, in Massachusetts right now, the Catholic church was forced to shut down their *ADOPTION agency because two gay people wanted to adopt a child and they wouldn't allow it. Well, they sued and won.  A gay couple walked into a *PHOTOGRAPHY company and wanted to get their wedding pictures taken by them. The company said sorry we don't photograph homosexual couples but we can refer you to a place that does. Well the couple sued and won. 7 out of 9 judges say that if this fails, every lawsuit to do with gays against religion, the gays will win every single time. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of examples happening right now!
 *In England right now, Mormons have to get Married CIVILY first with a state representative present and cannot get married in the temple because it is "discriminating" against homosexualsThe mayor of San Francisco actually said that "Christians have no place there." This just shows how sick our society is becoming and how their ultimate goal is to make the United States become a secular society. Also I haven't yet mentioned about what the *SCHOOLS will be teaching our children! The prince can marry the prince or the princess. *Right now, they are taking out the word "mother" and "father" out of text books in school because it discriminates against homosexuals. This is definitely in the works people! 
*Doctors will be forced to perform in-vitro fertilization procedures on gay and lesbian couples or they will lose their licenses. *Bishops and pastors could be arrested or sued if they mention that homosexuality is an abomination to God, it would be considered "hate speech". (Can you say Uh... Freedom of Speech??) And the saddest thing, Temples could eventually be shut down because when gay people can't get married in there, they will sue and win! And the church could be forced to shut them down and we would have to get married civily. The separation of CHURCH & STATE will not be honored in these situations!! This is what I call the "Constitution hanging by a thread!"*It just makes you sick to think of everything that will happen, things you can't even begin to imagine. The more you research about this, the more it becomes very scary. *President Monson has actually asked that we do everything we can to donate to this cause. I have many family and friends who have made phone calls, gone door to door and donated to the cause. The outcome of this vote will truly affect our society! We need to do everything we can to protect what God has commanded us to protect: Our Families (marriage) & The Gospel (separation of church/state). Whether or not you approve of homosexuality, as for me I will look to the Our Prophet, the mouthpiece of the Lord and will follow his counsel. I believe we should be Christlike and love everyone but also to KEEP SACRED THINGS SACRED! Remember this! What did Jesus do (John 2: 14-16) when there were people in the Temple doing things that we're unacceptable? 

Coming off my soapbox now...
(if you haven't already by mail) 
YES on 102!

**Read this article entitled: When Gay Rights & Religious Freedoms collide

**An article from the 1st Presidency:
The Divinity of Marriage:
**Video clip of how this will affect Our Schools: They Will Teach Our Children This!
**Click on this link to DONATE or learn more!: PROTECT MARRIAGE!


sarajane said...

Good choice in songs Audy:)Its so sad how so many people dont understand the many consequences of this.Awesome job on explaining the info though.I read that Divine Institutiion of marriage article from the 1st pres a couple weeks ago and it really helps you understand the outcomes.Its sad whats happening in this world today... but as Elder Holland said in conference "The latterdays are not a time to tremble, but a time to be believing!"

Raich said...

Jackson just say a pic of you and Day and said...those are my cousins...i said really? he said uh huh...anyways...hopefully you guys get it together to get this passed!!

Stephanie said...

This one topic that really gets me upset! What a crazy world we live in. I do have to say that when I went to the infertility specialist to talk about invitro there was a lesbian couple there. I don't know how to describe my feeings sitting there in the waiting room together. I had just been told that they weren't even sure that this would work for me. knowing that the couple next to me was trying to concieve made me angry. I can accept people as individuals but not all of their choices. I knew that if this couple brought a child into this world that he/she would be at a great disadvantage living in such a confused world.

Scott & Natalie sherwood said...

Thanks for posting about this important topic. One more thing to add to what you said. The opposition to prop 102 is saying a no vote will keep politics out of marriage. They are wrong!!! Voting YES keeps politics out of marriage. It keeps 4 judges from overturning the current DOMA law (our current law defining marriage) and allowing gay marriage like they did in CA. A YES vote truely reflects the voice and choice of the people.

But you are right this isn't a battle over gay marriage. It is a battle over protecting religion and families, most importantly children. The government couldn't care less who you love. They didn't get involved in marriage to control who loves who. They are involved in marriage to protect children and peoples money and property. That's it.

Thanks again for your post.

Lacey said...

i am getting nervous!! i went to the broadcast at BYU tonight where elder ballard and bednar spoke, it was really good. there is so much we can be doing, even if we get at least two people to really think about it and vote yes on prop 8 it will make a significant difference. keep praying!!!

Unknown said...

Amen to all of that, it is such a scary thing, and I hope and pray that we can prevent that from happening, but the sad thing is it will always keep coming back, Satan won't give up on destroying the family. When they spoke about how the bishop would have to marry a gay couple who came to him or the church would lose their tax exempt status, that is so scary, that is billions of dollars a year. Scary stuff, thanks for this post, I am so nervous for voting day, I hope this encourages people to get out their and vote.

♥ Natalie said...

You are WONDERFUL for taking the time to put together this incredible post, Audra. THANK YOU. I want to copy and paste it into my blog! I never really thought about them shutting down the Temples. I had NO IDEA that was going on in England as well.... thank you again.