Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad Words from Bear-Bear

(Bear-Bear hiding his head in shame.)

-Another conversation with Dude. This time when he was on the toilet.-

Daylan: "Mom... Bear-Bear says bad words!"

Me: "Really! He does?"

Daylan:  "Yeah he needs to get in trouble."

Me: "What does he say?"

Daylan: (with the most serious look) ..."He says HATE."


Jamie said...

How can you stand that cuteness? I love the innocence of that. What if everyone felt that that was a bad word? Oooohhh, I just want to pinch his adorable cheeks!

Callie said...

I love that too...I love that our kids (yours included) don't really know what bad words are! Madeline came home from school once saying that a friend had said the "S" word...I thought, oh great here we go...then she proceeded to tell me what the "S" word was - stupid. Hahaha.

Lacey said...

hahaha audra that is so cute! i laughed out loud when i read that

Anonymous said...

Naughty Bear-Bear! Daylan has a tough job keeping that bear in order! :)

♥ Natalie said...

oh! so sweet. my oldest 2 are also very concerned about that naughty word. they don't use the word, but they always check with me and say, "mom? we don't say hate, right? 'cause that's a naughty word, huh?" I love it!

kwistin said...

Audra, this is adorable. I'm so glad you're recording these fun memories so you'll have them when they're older! And I know that they'll appreciate them too (my mom made us all books of our fun little conversations from when we were little). :)