Monday, March 23, 2009

*Ostrich Festival*

We started off Spring Break by going over to the Chandler Ostrich Festival & brought Uncle Danny to tag along for the fun.

We didn't get to see the Ostrich Races but we did reenact the close encounter that Kaylea had with an ostrich as a little girl. I forget what weird creatures they really are.

However Tim & Danny did order themselves up ostrich burgers that evening. They said it tasted just like hamburger with a little fishy taste to it. I didn't want to risk my pregnant belly on that. (Ehh!...)

*There were Carnival rides & little shows to go to.
The kids got to sit in this helicopter & pretend to fly it.
getting ready for the circus show....a little on the boring side but kids liked it...
They stared in amazement at the goofy clowns as they juggled. Daylan insisted they were magic!
The Sea Lion Show
Daylan on a ride by himself that startled him...
Notice the CLASSIC Daylan pouty lip.
Uncle Danny winning the kids stuffed animals
Sunset at the Park
Watching the Marc Chestnut Concert
Piggy Back Ride Time during concert
Ready to call it a night...


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! And I'm with you as far as trying out Ostrich burgers go---no thanks! and that doesn't have to do with being pregnant or not...just with being sane. :)

Jamie said...

What a great family time! Don't year, you probably won't be pregnant at this time, so you'll be able to experience the joy that is the ostrich burger. Oh, yeah, baby, that's culinary genius!