Friday, March 6, 2009

*Project Pink-The Event

For all those of you who didn't come last Saturday to PROJECT PINK
You guys missed out!

photo by Dusty Otero
~Kaylea & I made a Mommy-Daughter Date Saturday to the inspired Community event Project Pink as did many other Moms did with their daughters. We listened to my friend Heather Madder's opening words & she did a great job talking about our individual worth as girls & women.

~Kaylea's favorite part was the Pink
 Balloon Release. We each were given a name tag that we were to write "who we really were" & not just our name on. It was a neat moment for me as Kay & I came up with how to describe ourselves & then place it on our balloons. 

~Then after listening to a beautiful song sung, there were hundreds of pink balloons released into the sky. We used this opportunity to talk a lot about who we really are & remembering that we don't need to be what other people tell us to be. We discussed how we were all created differently and how wonderful that is! We talked about being who we are and LOVING it! 

**This was an event that hopefully Kaylea will always remember from her young, tender age of 6
We had our pictures taken together by the photographer & creator of the event Jenny Schomaker.  She captured a moment in time with my 6 month pregnant belly & the little girl who prayed so hard for this baby to come. 


Stephanie said...

Love it... what a cool event! I'm sure Kay will remember that special Mommy/daughter time!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so neat! I'm glad you both has such a nice time. What a good mommy you are! Hopefully they make a yearly event out of it...I would like to take Eden when she's older.

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I actually saw one floating by at about 5:00 at Anthem where I was picking up Natalie off of Melissa's cheer bus. I said "oh look Natalie, a pink Balloon" Sounds like you enjoyed it.

AudyCamp said...

Heidi...are you serious? That's SO gives me the goosebumps! (that would've been like 6 hours later!)

Unknown said...

That is awsome!