Monday, March 30, 2009

More Spring Break Highlights

Roc & Dude

So our goal for Spring Break was to spend some quality time with the kids,
 keep them busy & spend little to no money! Here's how we spent our week:

*Ostrich Festival
Grandpa Tom's Birthday Dinner
Dollar Theatre to see Tale of Despereaux
Slumber Party with Lundell cousins
Searched for 4 Leaf Clovers & wore Green
Spencer Scout Activity
High School Friends Lunch @ Costa Vida
Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt with Lundell cousins
Birthday party for neighbor Gavin
Visiting Teaching
Skateland with Campbell cousins
Daylan's 1st Flag Football Practice
Tim's Basketball Game
Kaylea Gets sealants @ Dentist
Home Movie Nights with Treats
Swim @ community pool
Dollar Theatre to see movie InkHeart 
Picnic Lunch @ Park with Campbell, Lundell & Check cousins*

Getting Emmie to giggle....

Baby Miley
(...aka mini jett)

Big Sister Melissa playing with tiny little Claire.

These girls are so funny. When they play house, they PLAY house. Elsie was happy to cooperate and let them push her around in the doll stroller to wherever their little hearts wanted.
Can You Say BOYS!?
I love this picture of Ava & Kaylea! These 2 just giggle when they get together.


Lundell Family said...

Those are the cutest pictures. I want them

Tracey said...

So cute Audra... sorry we missed all the fun! I am so behind on my blog - I need to kick it in gear!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Love the pictures.You are always getting the best shots. I stole some and added them to my iphoto..hope you don't mind. We had so much fun visiting you all. Can't wait to see you again.

Lacey said...

okay, these are the cutest pictures!! Seeing all the cousins playing makes me want kids so bad haha!! sounds like a fun spring break!